Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Paal Poori

Like I have confessed I very rarely deep fry stuff but that does not mean the house members don't crave for them. DD begs to go to Indian restaurants,so she can have her beloved pooris and Tamarind Chutney(sauce). Love of pooris does not stop with her, everybody else in the house loves it too. Come 4th of July it is time for barbecuing and fireworks but a small glitch, fireworks are illegal in our county and we were not in a mood for barbecue, so the next best thing is to deep fry in the patio.

What better breakfast than Poori and Potato Masaal on a holiday morning? Just before the sun became too hot we had our share of Poori Masaal. The next best thing after a satisfying meal Poori Masaal is to make Paal Poori with the left over Pooris for an evening snack or dinner.

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1. 2 Cups Wheat Flour
2. 1 tsp Salt (or to taste)
3. 2 tbsp of Rava (Cream of Wheat)
4. Water

5. 2 Cups Milk
6. Sugar
7. 10-12 Pooris

1. In a Wide mouth vessel add the Wheat flour, salt and cream of wheat, add water to this mixture and make a stiff dough, knead as you add the water. There should not be any extra moisture just enough to knead the dough, too much moisture makes the poori absorb a lot of oil. Cover and keep till ready to use.
2. Make small balls aobut 1/2 inch in diameter with the dough and roll them out into small rounds, I use the Wrap Master to press the dough (convenient when we are cooking in the patio)
3. Heat Oil about 1 1/2 cups
4. Add the rolled out dough and press lightly on top to make them puff up. Remove from the oil when they turn slightly brown.
5. Drain on paper towels.

1. Warm up the milk, add sugar and mix well.
2. Soak the pooris in the milk

Serve with a dash of sugar on top. You can get creative with the topping, add coconut and brown sugar.


  1. ooh, I think I'd like it with the brown sugar :) Hope you enjoyed a great holiday -- looks like you ate well! I spent some time weeding the garden. Tomatoes have blossoms, but eggplants don't look too good. I bet yours are nearly ready to pick!

  2. Must be delicious. My MIL prepares slightly different dish called poori payasam.

  3. Looks yum.I love Poories too and I do get scared to fry but do it anyway!:D
    Our county has banned loud noise making fireworks but sell everything else.I got a bundle, kids like to enjoy when it's dark today and save some for Diwali too!
    Pal Poori sounds great Indo,never made it,thanks.Have fun 4th:))

  4. Hmm, sounds interesting ,never tried milk with Puris, will try next time for sure

  5. Vow!! my mum used to make this for deepavali. Mouthwatering!!

  6. I adore Indian food, but I have never seen anything like this variation. Now, there is an Indian grocery store on the way to my bookstore and I already have milk and sugar and ...


  7. Paal Poori, poori Paysam...I had no idea you could make left-over pooris into other dishes!!

  8. Oh WOW!!!! That sounds like poori kheer!!

  9. ooh.. i squish a banana into the paal and a dash of no bbq, eh? and no frying inthe house?

  10. Wow! Thats a creative poori indeed!

  11. Don't you just love holiday mornings when you can indulge like this? :)

  12. This is so ver innovative and nice one ...Excellent one .Thks for sharing

  13. Indo, this was a revelation to me only a few years ago - I saw someone's cook cut out and fry tiny pooris and use them in this dish!

  14. The best thing abt this is you can make the poori the day before..

  15. wow i love to eat it instantly. Looks delicious.

  16. Linda, sure it was a great holiday which is all the more enjoyable only with great food. Oh No! Eggplants are finicky, I am sorry to hear that, mine are just starting to flower.

    Suma, I have not heard/tasted Poori Payasam, maybe you will post the recipe one day.

    Asha, yeah kids absolute love it. But we have to travel to our neighboring state to play with fireworks.

    Lata, give it a try, they are really tasty.

    Aruna, I did not know it was a festival dish.

    almost vegetarian, Welcome! are you thinking of using the small pooris that are used for Pani poori? That should taste good too!

    Anita, when I posted this I thought I will share a dish that I love but kind of surprised not everyone did the paal poori with the left over pooris! :)

    Coffee Poori Kheer? do you have a recipe up your sleeve?

    Shaheen, Squishing banana into the dish, that should be delicious too, never thought of that!

    Jyothsana, thanks.

    Cynthia, I wish there were more than one July 4ths in a year :)

    Deepa, give it a try, tastes wonderful.

    Sra, that is a neat idea, that will make it a dessert dish for a party.

    Suganya, sure, the more soaked the pooris are, the better they taste.

    Roopa thats what ends up happening nobody can wait till they are soaked.

  17. never made paal porri Indo.. looks yum. yes poori masal on a holiday would be great..

  18. This looks yumm. So how are the kids enjoying their vacation ?

  19. ~sighs~ its still raining here. so no BBQ for us:( i am partial to all deep fried stuff except for poories. love the combo of poori with potato bhaji. dont remember having paal poori ISG. looks like a winning dish and i guess i can use all un-puffed poories to make paal poories:)

  20. Prema, food is what make holidays so special.

    Sandeepa,how are you enjoying your blogging break and Vacation? Missing you around here!
    kids are having a ball with grandma, and I am free to do my stuff.

    Sia, that is a bummer, we have been lucky(though we need the rain too) it rains at night and cools down the stifling heat. Hope you get to Mr Golden Sun soon. That is a a smart thing to do reserve the unpuffed pooris for the paal poori.

  21. Poori masal and a cup of coffee is one of the best breakfast combinations i ever had in my life.Paal poori for me is new,will try it the next time i make pooris. Even the name sounds so appetising.


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