Sunday, July 8, 2007

Paniyaram and Thakkali Kuzhambu (Spicy Tomato Curry)

The Next best breakfast in the world

I had blogged about the Breakfast that DD considers the Best in the whole world and there is another one that came close. With kids when they like something only superlatives are used to describe them. Though Paniyarams are really easy to make, every time they are presented at breakfast it is considered special. A simple dish elevated to special status. Paniyarams and Coconut chutney go hand in hand but I did not have enough coconut so I suggested we make Tomato chutney but my mom recommended Thakkali Kuzhambu, this is a speciality in my ammayi's house and they taste great with Dosais. The Kuzhambu taste equally fantastic with Paniyarams and if I were to judge the taste by how fast DD devored them.

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1. 2 Large Juicy tomatoes(chop the tomatoes bigger if you like to bite into them or fine if they should blended into the kuzhambu)
2. 1/4 Red onion chopped (or 15 Pearl onions sliced)
3. Seasonings: Curry leaves, mustard seeds
4. Corriander Leaves few sprigs

To Blend

1. 2 Tbsp Corriander Seeds
2. 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
3. 2 Red Chillies
4. 2 Tsp Channa Dal (Bengal Gram Dal)
5. 1 Tbsp Coconut
6. 1/4 Cup Red Onions Chopped (or small red onions)

1. Heat 1/2 tsp of oil and fry 1-4 one by one, setting them aside as they are done
2. Add the Onions and saute till they start to turn brown.
3. Add the coconut and mix with the onions

Transfer to a blender and blend to a smooth paste

1. In a Kadai take about a tsp of oil and when it is hot add the seasonings,
mustard seeds followed by the curry leaves.
2. Add the onions and saute till translucent
3. Add in the tomatoes and cook for a few minutes
4. Add the blended paste and about 1 cup of water
5. Let the mixture boil till it reaches the consistency you desire.
6. Add salt and corriander leaves and switch off the heat after a minute.

I like it a little watery to eat with dosais or paniyarams.


  1. I love dosai. That curry looks so so delicious. May I know what is Channa Dal? Thanks

  2. indosungod said...
    Pamela, the Paniyarams you see here are made with dosai batter, you just need a special pan and I add some onions and green chillies if you prefer to the batter. Look here for what Chana Dal look like.

    Oh Yes! the curry tastes delcious with dosais too.

  3. Tomato kuzhambu looks yummy... sounds easy too... BTW I love how you put the newspaper next to the breakfast... great combo :)

  4. your daughter sounds so adorable.

  5. hey that looks like a good combo, i usually make coconut chutney with it!

  6. My mom makes "Thakkali Kuzhambu" exactly like yours. This is one of my favorite kuzhambu with paniyaram. This kuzhambu is excellent with dosai also.


  7. Looks so good, I wish it were breakfast time here!

    That special pan is on my wishlist. Maybe might have to give in and get one soon :)

  8. Are these the ones I saw at Mahanadi, made in that special skillet ?

  9. I'm coming for breakfast next Sunday so you'll have to make this again :)

  10. Sandeepa, indeed they are.

  11. Cynthia, you are Welcome any time.

    Linda look for it in the Indian store(where you found the Dhokla pan, when I visit an Indian store I am looking for those every time no luck so far!) you might find one at a bargain :)

  12. i have to buy that appam pan to make those lovely paniyarams. need to double check in the kerala shop i found recently.
    ISG,thakkali kuzhambu looks quite delicious. and u haven't used many ingredients also which makes it more attactive to me:) till i get hold of that appam pan i will try this with dosa/idli.

  13. I love Paniyarams too,but whenever I have the batter I forget about about making them!:D
    Looks great Indo,Tomato curry really sounds authentic,thanks for that too.

  14. this one is tasty and yummy ....excellent combho the way ..when i come for breakfast ....

  15. tomato kozambu looks mouth watering. i love the tangy and spicy flavours.

  16. paniyaram is my favourite. my mouth is watering looking at that plate. while in India I had my own paniyara kal but I dont have it here and miss paniyaram a lot. when ever I go to any relatives place they serve hot paniyaram and I eat them with out any limit. miss it a lot.

  17. I have been craving for paniyarams recently....whenever i see something in that shapem i remember this snack....i can have this without coco.chutney too ! :)I wish you could send me some! :)


  18. Deepa how about this weekend?

    Roopa it tastes even better if the tomatoes are slightly sour.

    Sharmi that is so true. You can buy a pan here which might work for you at Mahanandi's estore

    Shn to tell you the truth I prefer this combination over coconut chutney. I only wish I can send you some over cyberspace.

  19. I'd better call that friend who volunteered to carry an appe pan for me from kerala...I have seen this on so many blogs now that I just have to try this. And with the Thakkali Kuzhambu!

  20. Anita, you should take up on the offer! Don't delay lest the friend changes her mind . They even have the non stick version of the pans but the ones made on the iron pan are what tastes best.

  21. I gave up my paniyaram pan (it was nonstick but verrrrry cute - made the tiniest paniyarams ever) and I haven't been able to find another one (a non non-stick one !?!)here in Toronto. I know Target carries the cast iron ones, but here, nope! haven't found that yet.

    yes, ISG! It IS the best breakfast in the world.. well, maybe next to Sandavai. :)

    Can't wait for my India trip to get two paniyaram pans - one normal size and one that makes tiny ones.

  22. Hello Kay, Glad to see you back. Are all the boxes unpacked?

    Kay, oh no. Why did you give it away? The non stick one that I have is also from India. I kind of like the one available on, when my non stick one breaks that is what I going for.

    Sandavai is my fav. also. Now that mom and DH's aunt is also here, we are just going to try that out, thanks for reminding me. Sandavai with Thengapaal yum, makes my mouth water.

    I used 1 egg only on the Egg Dosa, that was a typo.

    Are you planning a trip to India any time soon?

  23. hmm.. i am yet to succeed in paniyarams.. they were sticking to my pan. but ur cheese dosa is a big hit with my son! so thanks and any tips on paniyarams?

  24. ISG, I am keeping an eye out for dhokla maker for you too! Wanted to tell you I finally got some drumsticks, making sambhar with that fabulous homemade podi for lunch today. Thanks again!! :):)

  25. Shaheen, make sure the pan is hot and Pam spray/ or pour oil so the holes are coated, just before you pour the batter and cover it using a lid for a few minutes so it gets cooked on top and then turn it and cook on the other side without the lid. Batter should not be too watery, the consistency of idli is best. I add some onions and some crushed cumin seeds.
    Yes Cheese dosais is one of those things that would cheer even a sulking child.

    Oh Lovely, Linda, let me know how the Sambhar turns out?
    Linda, I don't have the Dhokla pan but my mom got a steamer pan which works for Puttu and the Dhokla so don't worry about it. I am on vacation till Wednesday and we are off to Niagara Falls tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.

  26. well, Still unpacking! I'm tired of moving. :)

    That paniyaram pan was nonstick, Indo.. I had decided to move away from nonsticky stuff and giving it up was the right thing to do at the time.. Amazon makes some lovely cast iron stuff - I had scored a great deal when I got from there.. unfortunately when I got my skillets and griddles, I didn't know about the ableskiver pan they had :( sucks bigtime! I guess, the only thing I miss about USA is the shopping. :)

    yeah, planning to goto India somewhere in Oct/Nov. Would love to spend Diwali there...Hmmm! How I wish!

    Meera darling has been having some fever - and is all whiny and cranky. I know thats how they develop immunities, but it kind of breaks my heart

  27. hey Thanks a lot for the details. I might go for it. if I buy then will surely let you know with some hot paniyarams!!

  28. ISG, drumstick sambhar was delicious. I used your recipe -- the whole house smelled great this morning. :)

    Have a great wonderful time at Niagara Falls!! Can't wait for the photos.

  29. My idea of best breakfast also includes paniyarams or gunthaponganalu as we call it.

  30. Hi Everyone,

    i am udhaya. new to this food blog.
    after seeing this paniyaram receipe i wanted it a lot. ut i dont know hoe to make this paniyaram. can anyone please help me on this?


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