Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Potatoes in Spicy Gravy

It was snowing outside and the tongue felt like tasting something spicy,and this month also happens to be as per JFI, Potatoes month,so spicy Potato gravy and chappathis it was going to be. I found this recipe browsing on The Hindu some 10 years ago and dutifully printed it out to be tried. And the few times I have cooked it the results have been tongue pleasing. The reicpe called for also adding mustard seeds for the paste, and I always thought that was an oversight and left it out and used mustard seeds just for the seasoning but after reading Sandeepa's article on Mustard Seeds and how popular they were in Bengali cuisine, this time around I was smart enough to add it while making the paste.

1. 10-15 Baby Potatoes boiled (cut in half if too big)
2. 1/4 red onion chopped fine
3. 2 tbsp lemon juice
4. Curry leaves
5. 1 Cup water
6. 1 tsp turmeric powder

Masala Paste
1. Soak 1 tbsp of poppy seeds and 6-8 cashews in a little bit of water

2. 15 pearl onions and 1/4 red onion chopped roughly
3. 6 garlic cloves
4. 1 inch ginger piece
5. 2 tbsp coconut
Saute 2-4 in a little bit of oil, add coconut last after switching off the heat

Dry Roast
6. 2 tbsp corriander seeds
7. 2 tsp of cumin seeds
8. 1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
9. 3 green chillies

and add
10. 2 tsp red chilli powder
11. 1 tsp curry powder (I added Chicken masala powder)

Combine all the Masala paste ingredients (1-11)and blend to a smooth paste.

The original recipe calls for blending all the ingredients into a paste and then sauteing them beofre adding in the potatoes and a liberal dose of ghee (1/2 cup), I took the shortcut and the heathier route.

1. In a wide mouthed pan (kadai) heat a tsp of oil, saute the onion
2. Add the Curry leaves and
3. add the ground paste, turmeric powder and a cup of water(reduce water according to consistency required)
4. Add salt and the potatoes and let the gravy cook for 6-8 minutes.
5.Add the lemon juice give it a good mix and turn off the heat.

Serve with chappathis, tastes great with rice too.

This will be my entry to JFI Potatoes hosted by Vaishali of Happy Burp.


  1. Hi ISG, I wish I could make a recipe as easy to follow as yours. Not only are they always tasty, but I love your clear and concise instructions! The spicy gravy sounds delicious, perfect for bland potatoes. I'll put this one on my list right away and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wonderful entry, ISG. You sure did the right thing in adding the mustard..:) Sometimes its that special ingredient which makes a dish stand out.

  3. Hi ISG,
    Your potato gravy looks fantastic.
    This curry will go well with Jeera Rice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda, you are so kind. I am really happy that the instructions are clear to understand. I am sure you will try this and let me know the results.

    Sailaja, thank you, yup the mustard seeds did add that tangy sharp taste.

    MT thank you, yes will be great with Jeera rice The Hindu had published this as a side for lemon or coconut rice.

  5. YUM!! You know,I almost made this for JFI and then I thought I know somebody will come up with Aloo Dum!!Great entry,sounds delicious,I will save the recipe.Thanks Indo.

  6. ISG,curry looks delicous.I agree,addition of mustard into a masala for paste gives it a noce taste.I love making curries using mustard paste.

  7. This is a keeper..al that masalas it self makes my mouth water.
    Lovely entry Indo

  8. Hi Indo,
    I too make aloo kurma the same way except i add sauf for grinding and use the normal potatoes.I haven't used mustard in the paste and iam going to try it the next time.Very nice with chappathis ..isn't it..
    The picture looks good.

  9. lovely entry ISG. love watching potato marathon and forgot about the deadline for JFI:(

  10. ISG,
    Great entry for JFI, looks delicious! Sounds pretty easy too, I am gonna give it a try.
    Hindu does have a lot of great recipes, doesn't it? I love most of their recipes.

  11. ISG, Looks so delicious and sounds so easy to make. I was actually searching for a good recipe to make a nice potato gravy. Your's is a keeper.

  12. Will surely try this one. I have baby potatoes in my pantry. thanks for sharing the recipe.

  13. What a nice recipe...sometimes,i just love these kinds of gravies with chapatis, a filling meal all on its own,


  14. That looks like a very rich and thick gravy. I am sure mustard paste would have give it that extra kick :). I will try this sometime. Thanks

  15. Lvely dish, i would love to try this sometime soon, Thanks for sharing!

  16. Indo Tried your "Dal" sambhar today and we all liked the taste :) Adding the whole moong was indeed a great idea as it it is all the more healthy.
    I also added some chopped Bok Choy, Carrots and baby raddish.
    Thanks for the recipe, I do make sambhar sometimes and this is definitely a very healthy & tasty version

  17. Asha,ViniK,Sandeepa thank you. I do not make this dish that often but whenever I make it I am alwasys pleased.

    Prema, try adding the mustard seeds it adds a new taste dimension

    Sia, it so happened that I had made this potato dish in time for the JFI, usually I realize after the fact.

    KA yup they alwasys have some good and easy ones.

    Chandrika, thank you and welcome to my blog.

    Mythreyee let me know how they turn out.

    Trupti, yes and kids love the baby potatoes.

    Shilpa yes the mustard paste did make a difference.

    Lera and Swapna thank you.

  18. Sandeepa, I am glad you tried the 'Dal' sambhar. Yes it is defintely more protein filled with the addition of Moong Dal. The crunchiness of the moong dal also makes it more tasty.

  19. A potato dish with a poppy seeds-cashew nut gravy? Wow! Thank you, Indo. :-)

  20. Hi again, ISG... I made the potatoes tonight! The gravy came out awesome... *really* spicy hot!! And I reduced your red chili powder by half too ;)

    Thanks again, going to enjoy this at work tomorrow for lunch :)

  21. Hi, Thanks for your recipe. I found your site when I was looking for some recipes for Spicy Potato Gravy & found yours to be interesting & decided to try your recipe tonight. Well guess what, it turned out great. I served it along with rice for my family & they loved it. Thank you again for sharing this.


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