Monday, February 19, 2007

Content Lift - Sponsored By Yahoo

Yahoooo - Shame on You.

Content Theft happens and Yahoo hides behind the sub-contractor. What a SHAME!

Bloggers do not have fancy lawyers drawing contracts and copyrights - this does not mean content is FREE FOR LIFT AND COPY.

Power of the Pen (I mean keyboard here) is mightier than the sword.

Head on over to Ginger and Mango for details on the protest on March 5th..


  1. What a moron !

    learn english first.

    Sponsored by Yahoo means -- Yahoo pays some one to steal content.

    It does not in anyways mean -- someone gives stolen content and Yahoo accepts it without knowing it is stolen.

    I am following this thread and yours is the last rate header giving wrong info.

  2. Indo,I am spreading the word about this too but I do have one concern.Can they sue bloggers for defamation? Bloggers contents are not officially copy righted but it is ethically and morally wrong to lift contents of course.I don't want this to get out of hand!!

  3. Thanks Indo, I did a post too

  4. Hello there,

    Thanks for your support. I guess you just need to republish this on March 5th too. Thank you once again.

  5. Whats (whose proxy are you anyway?) I am so sorry, did you think I teach English on these blog pages. Taking your advice I am heading to the nearest Grammar school.

    That said I don't care whose payroll you are on (the sponsored or sponsoror) a theft is a theft if someone paid for it is it my problem? You can check with my subcontractor whom I sponsored to do this post?

    Hey further comments? keep them to yourself alright.

  6. Asha, my opinion, I do not think they want further publicity for their fiasco but suing a bunch of bloggers.

    Sandeepa you did a great post

  7. Hi Asha,

    Saw your question on indosungod's post. If you wont mind me answering it, If thats the case, then there would be a million law suits from Microsoft against Open source supportive bloggers if you just read what the bloggers write about Microsoft. :-). They also cannot file a 'law suit' like that against anyone. Freedom of speech, first amendment also comes into play here.

    Dont worry. We are protesting against a vioaltion they have done and they are fully aware of that. They are the ones who should be worried, not us!

  8. ISG, hi --

    In my humble opinion, folks such as "whats" are simply looking to attract attention -- and let us not forget that *any* attention, be it positive or negative, will suffice; not unlike a toddler who misbehaves...

    To illustrate my point, I do not intend to comment further regarding any attempt to harass or intimidate you, Inji, et al. If you would rather leave my comment out of public eye, I completely understand :):)

  9. Linda I do agree with you and I am not paying much attention but I did publish your comment just for the fact that this topic is important to us.

  10. "Whats" you think you talk smart? I know exactly where you are coming from? Does "Yahoo Bangalore Network Operating Center" ring a bell? Really desperate are'nt you.


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