Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grain of the Week - 10 - Brown Rice

Brown Rice is perhaps the first grain switch that many people do when they want to reduce the amount of white rice consumed. It took a while for us to get used to the brown rice but now that we have learned to cook it perfectly it is easy substituted for white rice.

To cook a perfect brown rice, it has to be washed in several changes of water till the water runs clear. Soaking the rice for about 20-30 minutes helps to get a better textured cooked rice. Once soaked use the amount of water recommended on the package. A slight increase or decrease in water may be required to get the perfect texture you prefer.

While initially I preferred using the electric cooker for cooking brown rice but now have switched to using the pressure cooker.

Long Grain Brown Rice

There are several kinds of brown rice - long grain, Basmati, short grain. The one I prefer are the long grain rice. One thing to note, brown rice goes rancid quickly, so buy just enough for a couple of weeks. Do not buy in bulk if you are not going to use it quickly.

I have used brown rice to make lemon rice, fried rice, tamarind rice, spinach pulav rice or for just plain steamed rice.

So if you are hesitating to leave behind your white rice. Don't fear. Go ahead and give the brown rice a try.

I forgot the name of these colorful lima beans but thought I'd share them.

Scarlet Runner Beans

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