Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quinoa Puliodharai - Quinoa in a spicy tamarind sauce

Tamarind rice has a special place in my heart. It is one of the first non dal recipes that I learned to cook. When we first moved into our neighborhood we had a pot luck party and I carried with me the one other dish I could make that tasted good that was not a sambhar. I was not under illusions. Tamarind rice I figured was something that only only a typical Indian taste bud can really appreciate or so I thought.

I was quite surprised that it was almost over and one of our neighbors wanted the leftovers. Besides being pleasantly surprised I realized that the taste of tamarind was not that exotic after all.

It was time for Quinoa and Tamarind to come together. Tamarind Quinoa with some fried potatoes on the side is a perfect meal. Precooked Quinoa and tamarind sauce come together in this simply but very tasty combination.

If you like puliodharai with rice better - Puli Sadam.

Quinoa Puliodharai
Preparation Time:10 minutes
Cooking Time:10 minutes(if quinoa and puliodharai are precooked)
  1. 2 -3 cups of cooked quinoa
  2. 1/4 cups of puliodharai mix
  3. 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil (optional)

  1. Mix in the puliodharai mix with the precooked quinoa. Add the sesame oil if needed and gently mix them together.

Serve with some roasted potatoes or chips.

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  1. I just broke into my last jar of 'convenience' tamarind (not the concentrate, but the jarred pulp) from last spring's stop at Patel's. After that it's back to the old faithful dried. Tastes better, for sure, but I'm so lazy...!

    Do you know I've never made tamarind rice... now you have me thinking about that, as well as ready to give quinoa a second chance :)


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