Sunday, November 7, 2010

A quick and simple sweet - Besan ladoo with roasted cashews and almonds

Sorry, Deepavali sweet making is visiting this blog a little late. Hope you all had a great Deepavali celebration and Wishing you a Very Happy Festival Season.

Thinking that Deepavali was over the weekend like it usually happens here in the US, I was reminded at work that it was Friday and not Saturday. During lunch time while we were discussing what sweets were to be made I got a great tip for making the sweet I had on mind.

I was thinking of besan ladoo (had a big pack of besan that needed to be finished). I was glad I was'nt the only one who had postponed Deepavali sweet making to the weekend after Deepvali. Anyways as we were discussing how to make besan ladoo one of my lunch mates mentioned about coarsely powdered nuts to the besan rather than chopped roasted pieces. The powdered nuts were the best part of the sweet.

If you have a pack of besan sitting in the back of the fridge this is a good opportunity to get them out and make a quick and tasty sweet.

RC's had these beautiful looking besan ladoos , the very few ingredients and the besan languishing in my fridge were big motivations for giving this a try.

The addition of nuts made them taste like a sweet my friend's mom made for her and packed a box for the DDs when we went to visit. She had used whole wheat flour, a bit of cream of wheat, nuts and raisins.

My friend came over for an impromptu Deepavali sweet and savory making session. I will post what we made in the next post.

Makes about 40 ladoos
Besan ladoo with roasted cashews and almonds
1. 3 cups of besan
2. 1 cup of roasted and coarsely powdered almonds and cashews
3. 1 1/2 cups of ghee
4. 2 tsp of powdered of cardamom
5. 2 cups of sugar ( I used super fine regular sugar)
6. 2 -3 tbsp of raisins (optional, I forgot to add them)

1. Heat a wide mouthed pan, add about 1/4 of the ghee and the besan and in medium heat roast the besan till it is golden and besan smell has completely disappeared. Mine took about 40 minutes
2. Add the ghee in between in small quantities and continue roasting. Do not leave it unattended they tend to char pretty quickly. Almost towards the end add the cardamom powder.
3. Meanwhile roast the cashews and almonds. I used the toasted the almonds for 8 minutes and cashews for about 5 minutes. Cool and powder coarsely.
Also if using raisins roast them in ghee and set aside.
4. Towards the end of the besan roasting add the powdered nuts and raisins. Let cool.
5. Mix in the sugar and the remaining ghee.
6. Take about a tbsp or 1 1/2 tbsp of the powder and using your hands shape them into smooth rounds.

If you do not want to add the full amount of ghee add half of the amount and use a spoon to eat them as they won't hold their shape.

This post will be an entry for Nupur's, Blog Bites 9 - The Holiday Buffet.


  1. Oh my they look divine! I love the idea of powdering the nuts to distribute the flavor and because pieces of nuts fall off the ladoo :)

    And Diwali is several days long as least the way it is celebrated in MAH. Happy Diwali and warm wishes to you and your family!

    Thanks so much for sending this to the holiday buffet :)

  2. Hey Indo.. these laddoos look lovely. And this powdered nuts idea sounds good actually. Thank for mentioning it. Cheers!

  3. I have not blogg hopped for days and this week is pretty busy here too , love the laddoo. Looks perfect. Looks like you all had a wonderful Diwali.

  4. Rich and absolutely delicious looking besan laddoos..

  5. Hope you had a lovely Deepavali, ISG! Besan laddoos always remind me of my paternal grandmom. She made amazng ones. Yours looks divine, just like Nupur says :)

  6. The ladoos look delicious. I love the step by step pictures and explanation. please send it to the event I am running at:

  7. Happy Diwali Indo..

    That does sound delicious.

  8. Hi Indo,
    The ladoos look so lovely and mouthwatering!! I always get confused with english or hindi names for the cooking ingredients hence I am going to need you to clarify is besan our kadala maavu which we use for baajis?

    I have some now so I am desperate to try next available opportunity

  9. Those are absolutely perfect laddoos!

  10. Yumm!! Those laddoos look superb!!

  11. Girija,
    Yes it is kadalai mavu. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

  12. Sorry I missed this post and the link to my besan ladoos. Thank you for that ISG. I like your idea of adding powdered nuts to the besan ladoo.


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