Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pigeon Peas and Brinjal

There is something about fresh brinjal that evokes this pleasurable sensation that nothing else can and if it comes from your own backyard it tastes that much more tastier.

In this week's Food Section of Washington Post they were talking about "terroir" which is short form of "gout du terroir" and translates to "taste to place". Vidalia Onions, Idaho Potatoes, Salem Mambalam(Salem Mangoes) all begin to make sense. The connection you make to taste when the place of origin is included with the food item is what "terroir" means. So Producers, Farmers and Food Artisans are all trying to terroirize their goods.

I am rocking away here with this award and am almost pink myself, thanks dear Sandeepa, lovely Sia and fantastic Suganya for passing these on. They made me happy, now I know why these actors/actresses blabber so much when they accept their awards (well isn't it sad I can't remember the reaction of Nobel prize winners because I have not watched them as much as Cinema awards pathetic) , it sure makes you feel giddy.

Everyone who takes time time and effort to write about food, about stuff and the many others who visit and read, comment and the family who puts up with this cyber obsession all rock. I bestow this award on each one of you. It is great this feeling of belonging to this lovely community.

Shaheen had asked aobut cooking Pigeon Peas some time ago. I am not sure if this is the way of cooking she was referring to but DH's aunt saw the packet of frozen Pigeon Peas and suggested I cook it this way. Add the Pigeon Peas after the brinjals start to turn color.

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I am off a few days of fun in the sun (if only the sun will come out). Enjoy the waning days of summer friends and Hugs to you all.


  1. Hi...
    Congrats for ur award......ur Brinjal curry is looking great...

  2. congrats! so that is terroir :)
    vidalia is a fav at home, it is the sweetness in the local soil that brings out the distinct taste, or so i was told.

  3. Pigeon peas and Eggplants are great together, looks yum Indo! Enjoy the award,you deserve it as we all are!:))
    Have a WONDERFUL time in the sun.I could send you some Sun,we are in the upper 90F for more than a month now!See you when you come back:)

  4. LOL indo... i too am tired of watching those actors/actress with plastic smiles blabbering abt getting an award. but yeah, it does feel good when u r appreciated :)
    have fun in the sun n come back with a lovely golden tan:)

  5. Have fun in the sun. That curry looks great, my besns ahad taken a break shall get back to cooking them again
    And that's a nice new term I learned "terroir"

  6. Congrats on your award! What are pigeon peas? The ones used for ragada pattice?

  7. I think most of our childhood favourites are terroir. I have many.

  8. congrats and thnaks for the pigeon pea recipe.. any photo of th peas.. i think these are the ones i referred to. so enjoy ur break.. get a tan!:)

  9. Congrats on the award and have a good time.

  10. ISG, I hope you have a fabulous break and enjoy every minute!! I must hurryhurryhurry, run, don't walk, to cook up that spicy brijal curry of yours and might even try with pigeon peas, too :)

    And congratulations on your new award -- you surely do rock, dear! Hugs to you and yours :)

  11. hey have a lovely blog here...added it to my reader

  12. Have fun ISG! great pigeaon peas with brinjal lovely combo


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