Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wild Blackberries in the farm

I ran out of jelly. Now that we are used to eating home made jelly I try to find fruits that can be made into jelly. Earlier in the summer DD2 harvested mulberries from the trees around here. Mulberries can be eaten just like that, with purple juice and their natural sweetness they are a delight but cannot be kept around for a long time. So I made jelly out of them.

When that ran out our currant bushes gave just enough fruit to make currant jelly. When that was almost coming to an end the wild blackberry bushes were starting to fruit. I am not that fond of cultivated blackberries. They are not as sweet as the other berries. But these wild blackberries are sweeter and smaller than their cultivated counterparts.

Picking blackberries is an adventure unto itself. It might be a good idea to be in hazmat suits :). Wearing thic gloves is a good idea. Anyway I managed to pluck about a couple of pounds of blackberries getting pricked and pulled by the thorns that are abundant on the plant. But they are sweet and fresh and the jelly turned out pretty good as well.

Here is the blackberry bush in pictures,

See the thorns?

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  1. Hello Dear long lost ISG! So you did go to the farm! :) My nana had a huge blackberry bush in her yard -- we have raspberries now. The little indigo buntings love to nest in brambles -- maybe you have some! :)

    Hope all is well -- I have a lot of catching up to do :)


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