Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hassle Free Watermelon Cutting

Watermelon is a treat during the summer months. No doubt about that. But do you create a mess while cutting it and have sticky juice on the floor? If you are nodding your head this post is just for you.

Do you guys watch The Chew? The one that comes on at 1:00PM on weekdays in our TV market. I probably would never cook or recreate any of the recipes that I see on the show. Not that they are not good, just that they are not my kind of recipes. Occasionally they also give tips and one of them was how to cut watermelon. I was glad I watched that episode.

Carla Hall one of the hosts in the show, showed how to easily cube watermelons. The biggest problem I have while cutting watermelon is to spill the juice all over and generally the cutting board is covered in watermelon juice. So this tip was more than welcome. Remember the easy way to cut pineapple? Once I learned that I did not have to wait for the other adult to cut it I can do it myself very easily and our consumption our pineapple has gone up considerably.

With watermelon consuming a lot because of having to cut it and create a mess was never a problem. DD2 is ready one every day :)

Cut the watermelon to quarters and then cut vertically into slices till you reach the core. Turn to the side and cut horizontally about 2 or 3.
Turn to the other side and cut horizontally along the same lines. Then close to the skin to loosen all of them.
The cubes are ready to be transferred and the juice is caught in the boat.

Hassle Free Watermelon Cutting
Time Taken:10 minutes

Tools Required
  1. Cutting Board
  2. Sharp Knife

How to do it?
  1. Place the watermelon on a sturdy cutting board. Cut in half and then cut half into quarters.
  2. Take the quarter, cut across vertically like you would to make slices, till you reach the core. Do not cut all the way.
  3. Now on one side cut it horizontally about 1 inch apart, about 2-3 horizontal cuts depending on the size of the cube you want.
  4. Turn to the other side and cut along the same horizontal lines.
  5. Now run your knife close to the core and cut close to the white portion to remove the watermelon from the core, so the pieces come loose.
  6. The juice is all captured in the cup formed by the watermelon core. No fuss and no mess.

If you rather watch the video here it is.

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