Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden Update - Butterfly Bush

If you live anywhere in the north eastern United States, deer are as much a part of the landscape as the trees. They roam without fear of predators, destroying anything and everything in their path.

The forest cover or what little of it that is left is at a danger of failing to regenerate with the deer munching on young saplings and the ones that manage to survive fail to thrive because the deer love munching on well young tender leaves and stunting their growth. Read this article for more information 'Humans invented suburbia, but it is deer who may be its most enthusiastic residents'

Any backyard or frontyard gardener will confess their hatred for the wretched deer if you ask. The backyard is fenced off but due to HOA (Home Owner's Association) regulations the front cannot have a fence.

There are lot of brave souls like my neighbor who has a pretty good bird garden in front with shrubs and bushes that are immune to dear and her yard attracts a lot of birds.

My front yard is overpopulated with mint which are flowering in profusion now and a few butterfly bushes which attract a lot of butterflies and an occasional humming bird.

Butterfly bush is one among the rapidly shrinking list of plants that the deer don't fancy. The bush pretty much grows everywhere and also spread like weed, yes that is the fear. The pretty purple flowers are well pretty and the bonus is that they attract butterflies. They escape much of the damage wrought by deer but the tender leaves still fall prey. The butterfly bush were the courtesy of another friendly neighbor.


  1. nice pictures , i love to see nature so close and ur picture is perfect


  2. I love the beautiful butterfly photos, ISG! And the garden blossoms in previous post too -- simply beautiful! Lucky you with all those ripe tomatoes! I picked the first ripe one today -- a yellow Lemon Boy. Nothing even close to red at my house. Enjoy the early bounty! :)

  3. Garden and butterflies look so good ISG! I picked one tomato this weekend, you seem to have an abundant harvest!!! Missed hte yogurt rice with mangoes(yum)..

  4. Beautiful butterfly bushes!! When we buy our home, I want to create a native garden in the front, that attracts butterflies! Not a huge one, but a small one for this beginner gardener in me!

    Am taking lot of mental notes in every one of your garden posts! :) Thank you!

  5. Nice clicks. Aren't there things to ward off deer from one's yard?

  6. Love those pix! This time when I went home, I saw many, many butterflies, it's as if there had been a population explosion. I did take some pix but they were not as sharp as yours. I've heard about the deer problem!

  7. lovely pictures! i have heard so much about the deers roaming freely in northeast, i have yet to see it though.

  8. Beautiful pictures with butterflies. I hope butterflies can visit my garden someday. I hope they will love my pepper and bean plants. LOl. The butterfly bush looks great and healthy. Never been seen some wonderful bushes like that.


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