Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Update

Like I mentioned earlier the greens have been an absolute delight. I do not talk about mint that much, though the front yard is over flowing with it. Around mid-July the mint plants start to flower and the leaves become thicker and smaller. It is about time to pick the leaves and freeze them for use during winter.

The greens are still prolific. The beans are starting to show up. Zuchinni is flowering.

Produce from the garden





June 22,2010

Green beans and PEas

15 beans and 1 heaped cup of peas

Mixed Vegetable Kurma

June 23,2010

Swiss Chard

6 cups of chopped leaves

Dal with greens

June 26,2010

Mustard Greens

2 cups of chopped leaves

Split val dal with mustard greens

June 27,2010

Green BeansMustard Greens

10 green beans

Carrot, beans and radish sambhar

Notes on Peas - Maryland
I don't think the warm spring and warmer early summer were good for green peas. Peas love cooler temperatures in the range of 60-65F. I sowed them late March and it was hot by the time peas started to flower. Early March sowing would have been better.


  1. beautiful garden pictures Indo. thats an inspiration. between I always wonder why the soil in Us look so black and grainy compared to ours. do you use any special type of soil mix or is it the compost?

  2. Muy sisters garden is also overflowing and she telme she is giving away to her friends and neighbours. I wish some one gave me fresh veggies from their garden :-)

  3. That's really great, Indo! Such inspiring pics!

    How much of your time on an average do you think your garden needs per week?

  4. how exciting to see those garden pics, Indo! I have some tomatoes and basil/thyme/cilantro planted this year. Every day I can't stop but stop by and take a look at the tomato's "progress" :)

  5. Dear ISG,

    I love to see the pics of your garden -- the chart is an innovative addition! I am thinking of you as my ridge gourd and long beans start stretching :)

    Hope all's well -- I have been lax about the 'net since dad was laid up again but things are looking better so hope to be back more regularly, soon.

  6. Sayantani, the garden soil that we buy in the stores here are black and compost as well. The sand we have is red and clay, it needs lot of organic matter to loosen up and also top soil which are all black.

    HC, yes lucky your sister's neighbors.

    SS, once they are planted and growing not too much time. Occasional weeding and the regular watering about 20 minutes max.

    PJ, I concur. Nothing warms your heart better than watching plants grow.

  7. Indo, I'm jealous now! :D Your garden pics are just feast for eyes. Your garden's progress report is quite inspirational. :)

  8. oh dear!! I sowed them, late May during Victoria Day. :) They are still baby plants. well... I'll probably not transplant them..

    such a delight to read your garden updates. I have lettuce ready to eat - mesclun actually. must make some salads soon. the radishes have come up and they look so beautiful. I just don't have the heart to uproot them in a week or so. beets, swiss chard, spinach are all still babies, except a couple of swiss chards which had an early start..

  9. What fun if you can pick peas right from the plant! I love peas and do remember back home they used to be sowed in winter and were so sweet to taste. :-)

  10. thanks agian for sharing such nice clicks straight from ur garden

  11. Kay, up North where you are, it is not that sultry and humid. You might be ok with the pea plants. You could probably sow them mid-April is my guess. You can also sow toward the end of summer I think when it starts to get cool again.

    Mine are the Romaine lettuce. I am not a salad eater but this stuff has me hooked :)

    Sharmila, they are winter crops. In India they are mostly grown in hill stations aren't they?

    notyet100, thanks and it is my pleasure.

  12. Lovely garden pics Indo. Isn't summer beautiful ?

  13. Summer looks beautiful and at its peak at your place ;-)

  14. I like how your beans grow! I better use compost soil for a better result of my veggies. Its better than using chemical fertilizers. Thanks for the post!

  15. Those green peas are a delight and a sight to behold. It just shows how the veggies are well taken cared of. I wish I had those in my garden.


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