Friday, January 12, 2007

Best Breakfast in the Whole World! - Egg Cheese Dosai, Coconut Chutney

Dosai and Coconut Chutney / Egg-Cheese Dosai

Kids! don't they like to dramatize everything! DD considers Egg-Cheese Dosai and Dosai with Coconut Chutney the best breakfast in the whole world and for that matter so do the big kids in the household. This combination wins all others hands down. I usally make the dosai on a nonstick pan so most of the time no oil, so when we went to India and oil was liberally used to cook dosai she made here grandmas blush with praises heaped high. She also gobbled 3-4 this was amazing for someone who takes a while....... to eat anything. So once in a while coconut chutney makes it entry during the weekend breakfast and pleases everyone.

Egg Cheese Dosai
This is a favorite among kids, whenever I have offered this to any kid the plate is clean of even the crumbs. Very simple if dosai batter is available.

Ingredients (for one dosai)
1. Idly/Dosai batter (See Sugar and Spices for how to make batter)
2. Shreeded Cheese
3. Egg5
4. Optional Roasted Vegetable cut into strips (did not add them)

1. Heat a dosai pan/ griddle and pour the batter and spread it
2. Break the Egg and pour over the dosai cover with the lid and let the eggs cook.
3. Flip the dosai and let the egg cook completely.
4. Step 3 can be skipped if you like the eggs over easy, now sprinkle the cheese and
cover the lid again for the cheese to melt.
5. Fold the Dosai over.

Coconut Chutney
The recipe has many variations, here is my version

1. 1/2 coconut scrped
2. 2 green chillies
3. Corriander leaves from 4 -5 stems
4. 1/4inch piece ginger
5. a handful pottukadali (dahlia)
6. salt
7. 1 pod of garlic (I forgot to add)
8. salt to taste

Blend the above to a smooth paste, I like mine a little watery so I wash out blender after blending with a little bit of water and add that to the chutney.

seasonings: 1tsp of oil, 1/4 tsp each of urad dal,mustard and cumin and curry leaves
heat the oil, add the urad dal let them brown, mustard seeds and when they sputter add the cumin and curry leaves and pour them over the chutney.

Serve with crispy dosais.


  1. Definitely the best in South India anyway!:))I love it too, but my kids hate it because of the fermented batter smell!I am going to enjoy them all regardless,looks fab!
    Happy Pongal!

  2. Looks good and I am sure I will love this combo. I will try making it one of these days, only thing is have to get the dosa batter ready, which is not a regural thing at our house :)

  3. Asha, thanks. U celebrate Mahar Sankaranti or do you celebrate it as Pongal in Karnataka? You mean the kids can get fermented batter smell in the dosai? I never seem to notice it and thank goodness nor do the kiddies.

    Saneepa have you tried Gits or MTR Idly Mix or they might even have Dosai Mix? They are pretty good. I am sure the little one would love the Egg Cheese dosai provided she like egg and cheese.

  4. Yummy take on dosai! Btw, my mom loves your recipes! We have been trying some together.......

    And thanks for visiting!

  5. Kids do love their grandmas, don't they! great idea. I make vellappams with egg broken on top of it but this is new! I have to try this on my son.Thanks.

  6. Lakshmiammal1/14/07, 12:39 AM

    Hi ISG,
    I do the egg dosa the same way but the cheese sounds a good twist !Will try for my girl, Thanks

  7. Hey Indo
    I do use the MTR idly mix because I love idlys :)
    Today I was making pati sapta, rice crepes with coconut-kheer stuffing, but I followed your idea
    For the little one I broke a egg on the rice crepe and boy did she love it :) Thanks

  8. I bet my kids would love this -- healthy alternative to plain omelette. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Cheese is a great way to attract kids to dosai, right? Dosa and chutney can make me happy any day!

  10. Indo, did i get it right? 5 eggs on one dosa? or was that an 's'?

  11. I agree... one of the best breakfasts in the world...esp. when somebody else is making it hot-hot, right out of the tawa for you. :)


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