Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arisim Paruppu Satham -2

I hadn't planned on blogging about Arisim Paruppu Satham again, as I had blogged about it earlier, but this one is slightly different but most of all it was cooked by my mother. She does not tend to add the mandatory Chicken Masala Powder that seem to be ever present in my recipes. I am slowly learning to avoid using them, and the dishes taste much fresher without them. I lean more favorably towards using Sambhar Powder (ingredients and method coming soon) because it is prepared by my ammayi with the freshest ingredients. I always have some in stock and did not have make it myself so far by did get the recipe from ammayi who even today supplies it for my mom and aunt.

Split Thatta Payir(Roasted Cow Peas)

Arisim Paruppu Saatham tastes out of this world when it is cooked with Split Thatta Payir. The whole Thatta Payir is first roasted and then split using Stone Grinder called Rai Kal. deccanheffalum of Cook's Cottage has a picutre and explaination of how the stone grinder works. The one used in our parts is slightly different and still used a lot by my grandma. ( I have to take a picture of it).

1. 1 Rice (Sona Masoori Rice) Water:Rice 2 ½ : 1
2. 1/2 Cup Roasted Split Thatta Payir
3. 1/2 Red Onion Chopped Roughly
4. 4 Pods Garlic Sliced
5. 1/4 inch piece ginger pounded
6. 3 Red Chillies Split and seeds removed
7. Seasonings - Curry leaves, Mustard
8. 1 tsp of Sambhar Powder
9. 1 tsp of turmeric powder
10. oil as required + ghee a little bit

To Powder
1. 1/2 Tbsp Corriander Powder
2. 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
3. 1 tsp Pepper
Microwave the above for about 10 secs and powder

1. In a pressure cooker add the oil and ghee and when hot add the mustard seeds when it pops add the curry leaves
2. Add the garlic, saute for a few minutes add the ginger, red chillies saute a little bit and then add the onions and saute till translucent
3. Now add powdered mixture and the sambhar powder mix for a few minutes till good aroma comes
4. Add the Payar and mix well.
5. Add the required amount of water and when it starts to boil add the rice, salt mix and cook till about 1/2 cooked. Cover add the weight and cook till a whistle or about 8 minutes whichever comes first.

Serve with Puzhi Kuzhambu , Vadagam with a tsp of ghee over the rice.


  1. indo,
    that looks like gujju khichidi. is the amout of water is in 1:2 ratio as rice:water or do we need to add more water? i am asking u this because the pic looks like u need to add more water.
    i agree with u using fresh homemade spices. now a days i too am cutting down the garam masala and other store brought masalas and in their place i use sambar/rasam powder and sometimes just the fresh ground masalas. it makes lot of difference in taste as well as in aroma.

  2. Looks delicious.Protein and Carb together.YUM!Thanks Indo.
    I am sure what Cow peas are.I tried looking at the picture.Looks like Black eyed peas or brown ones.But peas are always interchangeable of course!:))

  3. Sia thankyou, the Rice:Water ratio is 1:2½, I have modified the post to display the 1/2 properly. The picture is not the best, but the rice I assure you was moist and soft.

    Asha, Cow Peas is indeed the 'Indian' Black Eyed Peas but is a darker brown and smaller in size.

  4. i adore cowpeas. we use it a lot in kerala, in olan and things. i will try this recipe.

  5. It is like a khichdi is it ? Now that your Mom is here you are having a gala time for sure

  6. Hi!
    color for this recipe is different.. Think this is without turmeric powder!!!! its really good!

  7. I've never seen or heard about cow peas before, thanks for the intro. Your food looks extremely appetizing.

  8. hey that thali looks very appetizing :) i make toor dal khichadi on similar lines, don't think have cooked with cow peas before!

  9. Pongal meets sambar sadam.. but looks healthy...

  10. Hi ISG, I can't believe I didn't see this all day till now -- you were hiding the plate so I couldn't steal it, I'm sure :)
    Looks fantastic and you know I will try because I always love your recipes. I have split cowpeas here but not roasted, and yours look to still have the skin on. Do you think I can pan-roast this chora or should I be at the store? Look forward to your special sambhar pwd. when you get time for that, too. Regards to your mother, ISG; easy to see talent runs in the family! Thanks for sharing this :)

  11. Hi Indo -

    Lovely dish! I am in the east coast close to where you are now! :-)

  12. Very healthy dish ....Will surely try this one ...

  13. Praba, Welcome to the east Coast! How do you like it ?

  14. Richa, the taste with cow peas is a lot different it is more earthy.

  15. Linda, no way wonder where the plate was hiding itself. I am blushing! you are kind Linda. That is one dish we cook and turns out delicious even when you are bone tired.

    You might not find split peas at the store. You can roast the Cow Peas but how would you split it? Maybe run it through the blender for a rough chop, that should work too. Not too powdery just enough to break them in two.

  16. Hi ,
    first time in ur blog.Got a wide variety of recipe.This paruppu sadam is new to me .I will give u my feedback after trying it out.Thanks for sharing a healthy dish.

  17. Priar. Welcome! Do try it and let me know.

  18. Indo, guess what? I've never tried this Kongunaatu dish.. I wonder why.. I've never seen/heard about it till I went to college, where the girls from Tirupur and Namakkal were raving about this. I think a blog-friend mentioned about this in her mail.. and I read about this in your blog too..

    This definitely goes in my to-try-soon list.

    And, That's a good idea bout breaking red cowpeas, using the blender. I might use that idea for green mung too. :)

  19. Kay, now that you know you should give it a try, works well with any dal but my preferences are split cow peas, moong dal followed by Toor dal. Sometimes I add some Veggies (potatoes, peas, carrots, beans) and it becomes a meal by itself.

  20. what is this dal called in hindi or english? black eyed peas? the kichdi look so good.. what is the dollop in the middle? pickle?

  21. Shaheen I think it is called Chora Dal in Hindi, yes it is black eyed peas or Cow Peas. The dollop is Puzhi Kuzhambu with Garlic and Sundakkai Vathal.


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