Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grain of the Week - 7 - Ragi - Finger Millet

Millets are making a comeback recently but many of us are not familiar with the vast majority of them. Ragi or Finger Millet on the other hand is one that most of us grew up eating and are quite familiar with it.

Ragi grain looks like mustard seeds and about the same size but with a bright maroon red color. Whole ragi can be easily used instead of the ragi flour.
I have tried ragi idly and

By far the most popular snack of Kongunadu - Ragi Vadai made with the flour.

Finger Millet is an important crop in India and very popular in the Southern states. It grows well in dry areas and ragi also has a good iron content perhaps why children are given ragi malt when they are very young.

Please feel free to share your favorite Ragi recipes.

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  1. Hi Indo, do u buy whole ragi from Indian it clean...I do get ragi flour & always add here & there in dosa,idli, prantha etc. but now I want to get my hands on whole ragi.

  2. I know my sis use it a lot as it is very healthy, i on the other side never had used them. Love the pic.

  3. Hi Indo,
    Everyday my parents need Ragi mudda in our house Its is a staple food. We also make dosa, rotti, Talepeeth using ragi flour. I use 3 cups of ragi flour to 1 cup of urad dal grinded with fistful of poha or cooked rice & mix all with water to dosa batter consistency, ferment it overnight & use next day to make dosa, it comes out so good, you will love it. Just like regular rice dosa.


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