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Eggs with Fennel and Tomato - A Burrito

Blog Anniversary
Daily Musings turned 2. It completely escaped my mind till dear Linda reminded about it in this beautiful post. It has been a rewarding two years and I am amazed that the blog has survived this long. Thank you to each one of you for visiting, taking time to leave a comment or feedback. The different things I have learned and continue to learn is enormous.

    Green Earth
    Tip 1: Reduce the water pressure in the faucets and shower. This reduces to a large extent the amount of water used.

    Tip 2: Use cotton towels or rags in the kitchen instead of paper towels.

Recipe Source: Baked Fennel Tomato Casserole
Intially set out to make the Baked Fennel and Tomato Casserole but at the last moment switched to making the burrito instead to add some carbs into the picture. The fennel was what attracted me to the recipe in the first place having wanted to cook with it for some time now.

1. 1 Fennel bulb - stalks removed, the hard core at the bottom removed and sliced.
2. 3 Roma tomatoes seeded and cut into quarters
3. 1 tsp pepper
4. 1 tsp butter or ghee
5. salt to taste
6. 4 eggs
7. Cheese as desired (harbenero pepper cheese)
8. Tortillas
9. Chili Garlic Pepper Sauce or any sauce preferred


1. Heat a sauce pan with water add salt and cook the fennel till soft, drain. In the meantime bake/broil the tomatoes
2. Heat some ghee in a pan and add the fennel and saute it with the pepper and salt.
3. Transfer them to an oven proof bowl. Lay the tomatoes on top.
4. Sprinkle the cheese and set it in a oven for about 3-4 minutes till the cheese melts. (I used the toaster oven)

Fennel and tomato with cheese topping

Assembling the tortilla
1. Heat a griddle, break an egg, season with salt and pepper and cook covered for 4 minutes (you can leave the yolk unbroken or break it a bit so it cooks fully)
2. Warm the tortilla, place the egg on top, add the fennel tomato topping
3. Sprinkle some chili garlic sauce, roll and serve.


  1. happy birthday to a lovely, heartfelt, educative blog.

  2. What a lovely friendship you share with Linda :). Happy Blog birthday.

  3. looks good///feel like eating...

  4. I love fennel - this recipe sounds lovely. Would be a great entry into the AWED event by DK.


  5. Wow, that's a yummy looking burrito! I love the first pic especially :)

    ISG, your mention of the toaster oven is in itself a great green tip! I use mine all the time and it can be a real time and energy saver. For ex: baked potatoes -- wash, prick with fork and microwave 5 min first -- they only take about 30 minutes in the toaster oven after that. Toaster ovens are relatively inexpensive these days (at least around here) so investing in a large one can save turning on the big oven many times.

    Happy Blog Birthday, dear ISG! Are you going to change to "Green Musings"? ;)

  6. Congratulations, and here's to many more years of happy blogging!

  7. Bee, thank you! that is a lovely compliment.

    Suganya, Thank you.

    Arundathi, this was my first attempt with fennel and we all loved it. I was thinking about AWED too but wasn't sure if this would be considered Mexican, will go ahead and send it in.

    Linda, yes they were devoured without a peep :)
    We had this for lunch, it was 80F outside and I was not comfortable having to switch on the big oven, but the toaster oven worked perfectly. I like that name, I am thinking....

    Nupur, thank you.

  8. happy birthday my dear!!i enjoy reading your informative posts.

  9. Happy blog anniversary Indo, my friend. Made your Hotel Sambhar and family loved it. Keep it up.
    Love the flavor of Fennel bulbs in anything, beautiful looking dish!:)

  10. Padmaja thank you. I am happy to hear that these posts are informative as well.

    Hooray Asha you are back. Missed you a lot. I will inviting more fennel into the kitchen from now on, though it has been a while to get introduced to them.

  11. A very happy Bloggiversary Indo, and heres to many more yours to come.

    I had a question for you. the other day I left a long winded comment here, on using plastic for partyware.
    However I do realize plastic containers to store & heat food are harmful. What kind of lunch boxes do you suggest I get for S, given that their school warms up their home lunch ?

    And yes toaster ovens are a savior, I use it all the time instead of the bigger oven.

    Any ideas on garage openers ? In my house it seems we hardly use the main door anymore, imagine the millions of homes across the country

  12. Happy Anniversary, ISG! Looking forward to celebrating more anniversaries! :)
    Burrito looks delicious! That combination has got to be great!

  13. Happy blog birthday to Daily Musings and congrats to you on two years of great work Indo! You have an amazing space here..

    Love fennel in everything, but never tried in eggs! I gotta try this!

  14. happy blogiversary, dear isg!
    may you blog long......

  15. A very happy blog birthday to you! I look forward to another year of delicious posts. I'm a big fan of eggs and this is certainly a good way to enjoy them.

  16. Happy Blog anniversary and wish many more...:)

  17. Wow! Fennel with eggs... Love the idea of that! Congratulations on 2 powerful years of blogging. Looking forward to more wonderful recipes and heartfelt education, Indo! :)

  18. Happy Blog Birthday girl! fennel is an interesting ingredient in this recipe:)

  19. Sandeepa, I do have a reply for your comment on the other post. Very valid points all of them you had.

    I use the casserole dish type tiffin box. It is the orange one on the right hand side. Got this in India. All the schools DD has been in, they were not allowed to microwave their lunch, so when I found this it seemed like a good idea. Though it does not keep it warm, DD says it never gets really cold.

    How about Pyrex containers or the cermaic ones? Considering little S is 4 years old these might not be the safest. But who does the warming for them? Teachers or the kids themselves? I am not sure of the other alternatives(unbreakable but safe). I will do more research on this.

    Toaster Ovens being compact do their job that much faster. Yes they are saviors.

    Garage Openers - a great point Sandeepa. We use the garage during the winter months, rest of the time the cars are parked outside. But yes it is definitely worth the effort to find a good solution for this.

  20. Thanks everyone for the wishes. They mean a lot to me.

    Vani, Sig - how can we go wrong with eggs right?

    Lisa, absolutely.

    Cham, Masi - thanks a bunch.

    Kalai, they did go well together.

  21. Hey, ISG! Please check my blog for a litte something for you! :)

  22. Thanks Vani, I picked up the award. Nice end to a beautiful day.

  23. Happy Blog-birthday! The burrito looks great!

  24. Congratulations! wishing you several more blog anniversaries ahead :) The recipe sounds so delicious, and flavorful ISG, will surely try.

  25. congrats on ur blog anniversary..nice and innovative burrito recipe.


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