Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Week That Was!

If you feel like you are in jet lag and groggy in the morning this week you can blame it on the Spring Forward. Last week every news channel was full of news about how this DST (Daylight Savings Time) causes more accidents and tend to make people feel like they are in jet lag. I have mixed feelings about this. The first few days of waking up earlier than we have to because of this clock shifting and also it being dark when we have to step out of the house bugs me but in the evenings I am actually happier that it is brighter outside for longer.

We have weekend delivery of the newspaper and it takes a whole week to finish reading it. Works just right for us. I read this interesting article about parenting, yes that again. Every parent I come across is busy over the weekend and in the evenings during the week, shuttling kids from one activity to another. I am not really sure if this gives kids an edge in whatever life race they are participating in but let's hope so. I am partial to sports so I shuttle them around if they are in some sports. Second time around with DD2 we are just smarter. I do not get nervous when some parent tells me a fancy activity their child is participating in. I resisted a lot of the stuff while being nervous that I am not giving them every little advantage but lethargy and unwillingness to shuttle them all over town kept me from doing it. I let the kids take the lead and if they insist then I give in. Anyway why are we forced to do all this stuff? Economics! What drives intensive parenting? Income Inequality!!. Maybe we should all step back and give childhood back to the children and let them play instead of being in some coaching, training or whatever class they are in.


Do you get angry with your kids? This is something that has been practiced for a long time. Maybe we can learn something from it. A Playful Way To Teach Kids To Control Their Anger

Girls Night In - Apparently this e-newsletter is all the rage among the millennial set.

Network TV
Now that we don't have Amazon Prime back to finding shows that come for free (Not free exactly we pay for cable because it is cheaper bundled!). It can be free if you have over the air antennae. I usually watch it 'On Demand' when I have time. Anything that is a lawyer or crime drama I am watching it till of course it gets boring or I can't stand one of the characters.

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