Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fresh Tomato Juice

V8 used to be a popular drink around the work place at one point when the dangers of sugary drinks was being announced from everywhere. While I was blissfully enjoying the free V8 juice offered around the office I started to realize that the unusually good tasting vegetable juice had a whopping amount of sodium. A problem that lead to dry mouth and being constantly thirsty.

When life or in this case your local farm or garden throws tomatoes at you take up the offer and make fresh tomato juice. The best way to enjoy vegetable juices is to make your own. I do not like adding other vegetables besides tomatoes to my vegetable juice. I The refreshing and the naturally sweet tasting tomato juice can knock some of the highly sweet fruit juices to the wayside.

Tomato juice used to be popular in India when we were growing up. Some of you who were kids in the 80s should remember this. It seemed like the only juice besides lime juice that was served to guests. I am not really sure how people will react if you served guests tomato juice these days! Unlike now nobody bought juice and stocked them up. Yes! even concentrates. Most people made them fresh and when it was wanted. Good old days!!

Summer time when your garden gives you an overload of tomatoes you make tomato juice. These bright red tomatoes unlike the store bought ones looked like it was a crime not to juice them. While DH enjoys them with a dash of Tabasco/pepper and salt. I prefer them as they are. If you want add a tiny bit of sugar. Most days I just enjoy them unadulterated. Making the juice is not tough either.

I personally do not like using use a device like vitamix or a nutri bullet which pulverizes the skin and the seeds. But if that works for you by all means. I like to use my regular old blender. Pulp the tomato and strain the seeds and skin and just enjoy the pure juice. Bliss in a bottle.

Wash the tomatoes, dry them, cut them into smaller pieces and add to the blender. Blend for 1/2 a minute or so and strain using a fine mesh strainer.
Strained fresh juice.
To the serving glass add sugar if needed and mix it into the juice.

The color alone is enough to make you want to drink it.

Tomato Juice
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Ingredients (for 16 oz of juice)
  1. 6-8 medium sized red juicy tomatoes
  2. 1-2 tsp of sugar or honey (optional)
  1. Wash and cut the tomatoes and take them in a blender.
  2. Let it whirl for about 30 seconds.
  3. Strain through a fine mesh strainer to take out the seeds and skin.
  4. Add the sugar to the serving glass, add in the tomato juice.
  5. Stir till the sugar dissolves. Add ice cubes if needed.

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  1. That looks fantastic and I'm happy to know I am not the only one using the regular blender :) Sometimes I make gazpacho but haven't thought to make plain tomato juice -- today is canning day for the tomatoes so a few might find their way into a glass before it's over!


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