Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard 2016 - Digging out

All said and done the blizzard of 2016 one of the biggest for the DC area - Jonas dubbed Snowzilla dumped about 30 inches of snow give or take a few.

Snow storms are fun when we don't lose power, don't have to do any work and just have fun staying warm and watching movies and drinking Hot Chocolate. It mostly does not always play out this way. But it did yesterday. Once the snow storm passes the sun comes out, sometimes it is windy with the snow flying all over and we have to dig out which is the part I dislike the most. There is one more thing I hate even more, having to drive in the half cleaned roads slipping and sliding.

The schools are closed for the next couple of days. Working from home is an option so I won't risk going out on the roads.

Mustered every able body in the house and did some shoveling last night for couple of hours and then again this morning for 3 hours which cleared the drive way. Then another one hour or so for clearing from the from door. Now I am ready for a big rest :)

Snow mountains everywhere.

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