Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kids Lunch - Mixed Vegetable sandwich

Packing lunch box for kids is not an easy chore. There are no microwaves to warm the food. It sits in the box for about 3-4 hours before being eaten. So the packed item should be suitable. There are few like this vegetable sandwich that are perfect for a lunch box. Remember the stuffing we made for the The beauty about that stuffing it is perfect in a sandwich.

Toasted whole wheat bread with some butter and spread the vegetable filling on one side with some cheese melted on the other side. Slap the two slices together and the cheese will keep the filling firmly in place.

Vegetable Sandwich
Preparation Time:5 minutes
Baking Time:10 minutes
  1. 1 cup of mixed vegetables dry curry (recipe here)
  2. 6 slices of whole wheat bread (or any bread preferred)
  3. a dab of butter or ghee
  4. sliced cheese (I used Pepper Jack Cheese)

  1. Apply butter on the slices of bread and toast them on a pan or in a toaster oven.
  2. Spread about a tbsp or more of the vegetable curry on one slice.
  3. Spread cheese and let it melt.
  4. Bring the two slices together. Repeat for all the other slices of bread.

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  1. Perfect early morning meal for kids.!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy new year.!


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