Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A tomato question and a Giveaway

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I was contacted by CSN stores which comprises the above mentioned online store and 200 others to do a giveaway. The links below show the sponsored prizes and a lucky winner will take home one of them.

But what has tomato got to do with the give away? Tomatoes occupy a big part in a lot of cuisines, they sure do in Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, most South American, Ethopian - well I can't think of any that does not use them.

For the Giveaway:
1. Leave a comment with the names of the tomatoes you regularly buy along with the names of 2 tomatoes you would love to get your hands on.
2. Choose ONE among the three items shown above that you would really like to win.
3. Valid contact information, either your blog address or email address where you can be contacted.

4.Please feel free to tweet or blog about this giveaway by linking to this post.
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To tweet:
Giveaway at Daily Musings(@indosungod) -

Let me know in the comment section and you will be entered twice or thrice(if you tweet and blog).

That is it really.

1. Shipping to USA and Canada only. Giveaway ends March 19, 2010.
2. A lucky winner will be chosen by a random generator.
3. CSN stores will ship the item to the winner. *

* I do not get any compensation monetary or otherwise from this giveaway


  1. The giveaway sounds cool Indosungod!

    Well, I usually buy 'roma' tomatoes + the 'globe', 'pear' and 'plum' varieties here. The kind that were available in India used to be quite sour with a very thin skin and lots of juicy pulp inside, perfect for Indian cooking.
    I am so much interested to try and test the other heirloom varieties of tomatoes lately in my cooking, such as the 'ribbed', 'beefsteak', 'oxheart' and 'bell pepper' varieties.

    I would love to win the Racheal Ray cast Iron pot. Looks gorgeous!

  2. Hey, that's wonderful! Really tomatoes are such an integral part of any cuisine...I buy plum and roma tomatoes regularly and would love to get my hands on beefsteak tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes :) I hope I win the white casserole, as I do not have one now!

  3. I hate to admit it, but I'm not a huge tomato fan. I can't stand when there's chunks of them in my food! If I have to buy tomatoes, I'll just grab the regular Roma kind. As for other types, I guess I would try cherry tomatoes (it's been awhile since I've tried these) and maybe grape tomatoes.

    I would pick the Le Creuset casserole dish!

    jmschwabe at gmail dot com

  4. I did not even know tomatoes have different names ... how would I know which ones I'd want to buy? :-p
    Just joking ISG. :-)

  5. 1) roma tomatoes
    2) like to get tomatoes on the vine
    3) i would like Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue

  6. Well what do I say being married to a big time Tomato lover, Tomatoes are ever present in my refrigerator... I always buy here the Romas, the ones on vine, and cherry tomatoes.

    Whatever be it I miss those desi tomatoes (Naatu thakkali in tamil)
    wow they could take a dish to a higher level than any other tomatoes

  7. Never had any luck in such giveaways but I am not going to stop to try ;)
    The ones I regularly buy and use:
    1. naatu thakkali
    2. Bangalore thakkali
    The ones I would love to get:
    1. Cherry tomatoes
    2. Grape toamtoes
    Their size and shape were very fascinating.
    I would like the " Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue ". If I get selected I shall give you my friends address in USA for shipping :) Wish me luck! And to mention today its a tomato galore at home idlis with tomato-onion gothsu, for lunch tomato kadhi with potato puttu)

  8. Hi..hmmm that's easy :)
    I usually get Roma and Cherry tomatoes.
    I would like to get my hands on Beafsteak and Pear shaped tomatoes.
    My webpage is
    Name: Vaishali Sharma

  9. Oops forgot to mention my choice : I like the first one: white casserole. :)

  10. Very useful giveaway ISG.

    Here is my entry:

    I usually use roma tomatoes or beefsteak for cooking.

    I'd like to check out more of cherry tomatoes and Heirloom-Brandywine.

    My choice for the give away : Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Rectangular Casserole with Lid in White.

  11. Well we usually plant a huge tomato garden with many different hybrid tomatoes, but we do buy in the winter months. I usually buy the HotHouse variety that is still attatched to the vine.

    Two tomatoes, I would love to get my hands on are

    ~* Tigerella Tomatoes *~ (They are absolutely gorgeous and the are open heirlooms
    ~* Yellow Stuffer Tomato *~ (They are a bright lemon yellow and they resemble a bell pepper)

    I would really LOVE to win the #1. Le Creuset Casserole with lid in white.

  12. Mmmmmmmmmm.... what a wonderful giveaway!

    I often buy vine ripened plum tomatoes! well, just any vine ripened tomatoes!

    The new varieties that I would like to try are pink brandy wine and sweet tangerine.

    And.... I would love that Le Creuset casserole!! I collect serveware/bakeware in white and this would make a lovely and very useful addition!

    - Kay from Live.Love.Workout blog
    gmail: tabtomorrow

  13. Cool giveaway Indo!
    I usually buy Roma, plum tomatoes and Jersey tomatoes. I would love try some purple and yellow tomatoes.
    Oh I pick Rachel Ray Blue casserole.

  14. Nice giveaway ISG. That's very thoughtful and generous!

    I buy Roma Tomatoes and sometimes the beef steak variety as well.

    I would love to buy Cherry Tomatoes for their sheer sie and cuteness.

    I would love to get my hands on:
    Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Rectangular Casserole with Lid in White.

    My webpage:

  15. ISG, I wish I could write a bengali verse about various tomatoes and impress you.:-)) Alas I cannot.

    But then I use the 'usual suspects' at home.

    1) Roma tomatoes: I use for salads and sandwiches.
    2) Vine ripe tomato: I use it for rasam, sambhar and daals.
    3) Cherry tomato: for snacking.

    I am not sure of the different types of tomatoes, but love to grown them in my own backyard and have the fresh garden variety :-)

    Now let us get back to business, shall we? I would love to have that Rachel Ray's Blue casserole.

  16. Indo,
    I've posted a link for the give away in my blog.

  17. That's a cool giveaway, ISG :-)
    Normally I use tomatoes on vine and roma tomatoes
    I would love to try the cherry tomatoes ;-)
    And finally I wish I could win that white casserole :D

  18. Roma, Plum, Cherry

    Like Vine ripened

    Can I have the Le Creuset please. Pretty please and I will switch to any tomato you want me to :-)

  19. Indo,
    It is mostly Roma and vine tomatoes for cooking and Cherry for salads.
    I would love to grow the Campari variety in my yard and I would love to have the Rachel Ray's Blue casserole if I win.
    My email is

  20. OMG what a cool giveaway :) Well, I never really win anything, but I'm excited all the same!
    1.) I buy roma tomatoes since they are the cheapest ;) I would love to get my hands on the heirloom tomato variety. I'd also love to try tomatillos, not sure if they're in the same family as tomatoes though
    2.) I hope I win the Rachel Ray casserole, I love it.
    3.) I do not blog but I am an avid follower of food blogs. E-mail:

  21. My favorites - tomatoes on the vine and cherry tomatoes.

    Love the tomatoes on the vine because it resembles a little bit of the traiditional Indian tomatoes..
    would love to use organic tomatoes. even whole foods here doesnt seem to carry organic tomatoes all the time.
    I would love to have the Rachel Ray's Blue casserole if I win.
    My email is

  22. cherry, grape, plum roma, vine ripe and hot house..but even if I remotely can dream to get on of these (for i am never lucky for such things) I can use any tomatoes you want me too..

    will tweet about it!!

  23. Wowie..Now thats what I call a healthy competition..I have announced the event on my sidebar..linking it to yours..

  24. What a wonderful thing to do, Indo! Being a tomato lover, your question is totally up my alley!

    I love to buy plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes.

    I adore and would love to get my hands on some yellow tomatoes (so sweet and juicy!). I also would love to have the yummy tomatoes from India (naatu thakkali) which are tangy and delicious. Plus, manathakkali (does that count?). I'd also like to grow heirloom tomatoes here.

    The rectangular Le Creuset casserole looks great and would be my pick!

    Hope all's well with you, dear Indo. Am going through a bit of personal and medical stuff so I've been out of the loop.

  25. I usually buy grape or globes in winter and local tomatoes in season, preferably heirloom and Brandywine in particular. I'll use Roma for cooking other times. I'd love to be able to get New Jersey Beefsteaks and Big Boys but don't often find them in North Carolina.

    If I'm uber-lucky I'd like the LeCreuset white baker.

  26. Hi there, first time on your blog and this is a super-cool giveaway!!

    When it comes to tomatoes, I buy vine tomatoes, roma, grape and cherry varieties...I would loooove to get my hands on some beautiful organic green tomatoes...would love to use them for fritters!

    When it comes to the giveaway, I just love the Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue !!

    You can reach me : msfun98 at gmail dot com

  27. This is Anonymous again - since this was my first posting on Daily Musings I got lost someplace along the line and didn't leave a contact address just in case:-))

    My email address is

  28. Here's what I dig!
    1. I buy Roma tomatoes the most. Price plays a fairly large role here.
    2. I love tomatoes on the vine and green tomatoes! Both so different, but oh so good!
    3. I would love to win the Rachel Ray cast iron quart. Blue is mah color!


  29. ohh this is cool..

    I cook mostly with vine ripe tomatoes, since i relate it with our naatu thakkali... and when not avaiable in our produce jucntion, switch to plum tomatoes...
    I would love to get my hands on snowberry tomatoes, banana leg tomatoes, brandywine tomatoes.. and more than everything any kind that comes close to our naatu thakkali...
    I love the while le creuset rectangular casserole, if lucky! Thanks for a chance :)

  30. thats a wonderful give-away, Indo!

    tomatoes on the wine, roma, hot-house.
    would love to get my hands on more heirloom varieties like brandywine and green zebra.
    #2, cast iron quart

  31. I buy mostly plum and roma tomatoes and would love to get the 'beefsteak'tomatoes.I hope I win the white casserole.

  32. I buy roma tomatoes but would love some beefsteak or cherry.

    Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue


  33. I want to get my hands on our salem naatu thakazhi.I would love the le creuset casserole. We buy roma or beefsteak when in season.
    I am tweeting it

  34. oh we cant enter...thats bad. am already envying the winner who will get the cake bowl. such pretty things and still we cant enter the giveaway......

  35. I regularly buy roma tomatoes.I would love to get pear shaped tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes.
    I would love to win the Le creuset white casserole dish.

  36. I love locally-grown cherry tomatoes at the height of summer. Just like candy! After that, home-grown beefsteak tomatoes are fabulous.

    I'd love to win the Rachael Ray blue casserole!

  37. I buy the Hothouse variety and Roma. I would like to see Heirloom varieties in the market. I would like the Le Creuset Casserole.

  38. i usually buy Roma tomatoes here. Would love to try some heirloom varieties come summer.

    I would love the la Creuset casserole if I win. :-)

  39. This post made me realise I don't know the names of the breeds of tomato I'm eating, just that one is fat and firm and hybrid and less tasteless than the other which is a country variety and thin-skinned and sour!

  40. 1. Actually, I usually buy plum tomatoes.
    And, I'd love to get my hands on some really good heriloom tomoates & maybe the "yellow stuffer" tomatoes.
    2. I'd love to win the Rachael Ray casseroe dish.
    3. my email:

  41. The tomatoes I normally buy, sadly, are canned! But in summer, my favorites are any and all local tomatoes. I hope to get my hands on juicy beefsteak tomatoes for making thokku and heirloom tomatoes for their funky shapes to be used in sandwiches.

    I'd love the Rachel Ray casserole. Those are so wonderful for slow-simmered curries.

  42. Tweeted about it too :)

  43. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I usually buy Roma tomatoes. Occasionally, Vine. But I almost always have a can of diced Tomatoes in the pantry.
    I'd love to try those heirloom tomatoes and the cherry ones.
    I'd LOVE the Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Rectangular Casserole with Lid in White.
    Off to tweet about this!

  44. 1. regular plum or naatu thakkali in INdian stores
    2. nothing really
    3. Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue

  45. Oh, I don't come around for a few days and see what I almost missed :)
    I buy different types of tomatoes for different uses. Roma for Indian curries where I need to chop it up. On the wine tomatoes for sandwiches, also Roso Bruno, a favorite hybrid of mine for sandwiches. Grape tomatoes for salad. When the heirloom tomatoes are available, I buy those for some fancy salads too.

    Would love the Le Creuset!

  46. Now how come i only got to know about this give away so late, i must have sure missed it in my reader.
    I usually buy tomatoes on vine and plum tomatoes.
    I wish i could get here green tomatoes. I have never seen them here.
    And another thing i would like is that Rachel Ray Iron pot.

  47. This is fab,Indo!

    I buy roma tomatoes and I would love to use the grape and the heirloom tomatoes..

    I would love to win Le Creuset Casserole..

  48. Cool giveaway Indo ! I usually buy Roma tomatoes, vine tomatoes and cherry ! I want to buy green tomatoes this season and try them...

    Would love the white casserole, Le creuset....

  49. Tweeted about your giveaway too :-)

  50. I have always used the Roma tomatoes for curries - but also add tomatoe paste. I use the cherry tomatoes/grape tomatoes for salads and rarely the hierloomtomatoes. I sure would love to grow the tomatoes (Indian variety).
    I would love to win the Rachael Ray Cast Iron 5.25-Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Blue

  51. This is fun...
    I buy Roma, tomatoes on the vine for curry and chutneys, cherry or grape for salads. I personally like tomatoes on the vine, beefstake for burgers or thick cuts
    I would like to try out heirloom tomatoes and get my hands on green tomatoes for my green tomato curry or chutney...ohh how I miss that!!

    I like the CAKE node bowl....thanx