Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids Lunch - Egg Chapati and a Guess

Does the view from your window make a difference to the quality of work you produce? Imagine this view, a mountain with silvery waterfalls with dreamy clouds floating on top. The view should rejuvenate the senses every single time I would think. But if you are seeing it every single day does it lose its value? Does it get boring as seeing a concrete jungle or a wall and there is no difference in productivity?

Now look at these photos and guess what place this is.

Can you see those waterfalls?

On weekdays 5:30 - 7:00AM is probably the busiest around our home. Breakfast and lunch to be packed for the kids. DD and DD2 both hate PBJ sandwiches and with that out of the picture a quick, creative and unjunky but like fast food is the criteria. Can't spend too much time and be late for the bus. This egg chapati fits the bill perfectly, takes less than 15 minutes and a tasty no whine lunch is ready. Just have the dough ready ahead of time.

egg on chapati

egg cooked, cheese spread on top

packed and ready to go

Egg Chapati
1. Prepared chapati dough
2. 2 Eggs
3. 2 handfuls of grated cheese
4. 1/2 cup cooked broccoli or grated carrot (optional)
5. pepper and salt to taste
6. 1 tsp ghee

1. Roll out the chapati
2. Heat a griddle and cook the chapati on one side till spots start to appear,flip and cook for a few seconds. (Keep the heat at medium low to avoid burning).
3. Place the undercooked side on the griddle and break the egg on top, spread it around.
4. Place a lid to cover the egg and cook for 2-3 minutes till the eggs are set. (if you like runny eggs you can stop now but I like to cook the eggs completely)
5. Lift the chapati and before you flip it on to the pan, brush the pan with the ghee and let the egg side cook for 2 more minutes
6. Flip again and spread the cheese over the egg and let it melt. If you adding broccoli or carrot add it now and let it heat through for 2-3 minutes.

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  1. I'm always on the lookout for quick lunch ideas and this is just perfect. Infact this shall be my bfast tomorrow - and I think this will be a hit with my daughter too

  2. "thinking very hard" the place looks beautiful and picturesque but sorry I have no guesses about the place.
    I feel that same way, after seeing the same thing everyday it looses its value however beautiful that might be.
    Loved the idea of egg chapathi. Happy Ugadi to you all.

  3. What a nice idea! Thanks for sharing.
    In Step 3 ,You have typed Break the cake instead of 'break the eggs' by mistake.Edit it

  4. This is great! I like the idea for simple lunch like this :)

  5. Lovely idea. If you add some veggies like capsicum then with a spread of some ketchup it will taste more like a pizza. And is that place "Kolli hills" ?

  6. Woooow,,easy for the kids bfast and also very healthy version.I can also try for my hubby's bfast in the busy morning.Thanks for sharing dear!!!!! Take Care n Keep Smiling.

  7. This looks like it could be a school, perhaps in the Kongunad region - just putting two and two together, from the looks of the building and mention of Kongu food in your blog :)

  8. Egg Chapati sounds so wonderful Indo..I am not good at guessing, so will skip that, except to say the place looks heavenly and I won't mind seeing it everyday of my life..:)

    I think its with mindset most times..when we want a break we choose to vacation at such places as such greenery is not easily available for us. But on the other hand, ppl living in such place may think of coming to city for a break...:)..but ppl living in such places are very lucky atleast the place is not polluted like ours.

  9. I am used to this from childhood ... only we call it egg paratha .. and we add chopped onions and green chillies etc. And love it. :-)
    Can't guess the place in the snaps ... but it looks like during the monsoons. :-)

  10. I love to work near a window- if it is a natural scene, it changes everyday with the seasons and weather, but I also like watching urban street scenes; those can be just as interesting as wildlife! Anything is better than having no windows at all, or having to stare at the wall of the neighboring building.

    The egg paratha looks so good. I ate a one-egg omelet with chapati every single school morning from 5th-10th std. :)

  11. I have no idea where it is.Love that egg chapathi combo and the way you have made them, so apealing to kids.
    Well we live just 5 minutes walk from our home to the beach and I think i have not gone that side for a whole week and on the other hand there is so much touritst comming just to be there on the dyke for walk etc.....

  12. I am thinking is this home for you ? If I was seeing it, I couldn't concentrate on my work and would rather be outside

    The egg chapathi was a favorite since childhood, even now I like it :)
    But for S, I usually make lunch the previous day, I get jittery if there is too much to do in the morning

  13. I'm thinking along the same lines as Sra. Somewhere in Kongu region, Mettupalayam perhaps? Wherever it is, it's gorgeous.

    I have no windows where I work and it's really depressing.


  14. Padhu, thank you.

    Sandeepa, not my home. I only wish I had even a small hut with that view.

  15. oh yes, i think the view makes the difference. my first job i had a view of vast mustard fields directly from my cube... a lot of things were not perfect in that job.. but the thing that I still remember about the place was a walk everyday around the mustard fields :)

    Egg chapati sounds like a delicious and fast breakfast.. even for older kids with a dash of hot-sauce.

  16. I would love to be in that place right now. I'm guessing ooty, coimbtr or some where in Kerala.
    My older son takes PB sandwich every day. No jelly. Younger one jelly with no PB.

    will post the pudina vadai recipe soon.

  17. That's a beautiful place, but sorry, I've no idea :D
    This is a great idea for lunchbox. We make dosas like this :-)

  18. Picturesque place. While in India I always wanted to live in a clean, serene and a scenic place and I was fortunate to move to Seattle. Even after living here for so many years I do admire and enjoy the place as it was years back.

  19. Awesome!! I'm going to try this egg chapathi with DD. She's off cheese for a short while.. so I'll try it without it. you come up with the simplest and the most brilliant of ideas!

    The place - Somewhere in Coimbatore? maybe a school?

    I don't know about productivity - But I certainly am so peaceful and calm and so happy in such surroundings.

  20. Kerala!! Some estate..

    Egg chapati looks yum..Thinking of making it for dinner if I have leftover rotis..super recipe..

  21. somehwere in kerala,..
    healthy breakfast

  22. I just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! This looks fabulous!

  23. Is this place in Kodaikanal...?

  24. I have no idea where that is.

    I like the way you have cooked the egg on the chapati.

  25. iam sure kids will love this .
    .. hey iam hosting a giveaway if ur intrested pls stop by at my blog if u get a chance .

  26. wow..perfect! i am always looking out for ideas for moms on the run!
    room with a view???where is this place...no idea..but would love to cook with this view to enjoy!!

  27. That place looks beautiful! I don't know about work productivity, I do have a window with a nice greenery outside, but my desk faces the other way and some days I forget to look outside until someone walks in and says, wow, it is beautiful outside. :(
    But at home, I can't imagine living without a view anymore. It gives me some kind of inner peace to look out the window and see the water.

  28. looks like Chinmaya International Residential School on the border of Coimbatore/Kerala....

    thx for the recipes!


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