Monday, May 25, 2009

Brinjal and Potatoes in a peanut sauce - inspired by Rhengan Reveya

Notice: "Children who are not water safe should be supervised by an adult and be within arms reach at all times."

The above text is posted in our county swimming pool which I happened to notice just today in spite of visiting the pool for the past 4 years(or may be I want to make a big deal of it just today for purposes of the blog ;). Asked DD to read it and tell me what it means. She read "water safe" and had this expression on her face which can be best explained by the phrase "huh". This text clearly symbolizes exactly what is wrong with stuff in USA. I bet a lawyer helped come up with that. Short of asking the county employees who work there I don't know what the phrase means exactly and I will be hard pressed to find a county employee who knows exactly what it means leave alone another patron. My understanding of "water safe" is children who do not know how to swim. But what is wrong with saying "children who do not swim" and I am raking my brains to figure out which group of people that phrase might offend. Please be kind enough to put me out of this misery I will be very grateful.

This clearly exemplifies our political correctness run amok. Totally understand the usage of "physically challenged" for a person with disabilities, but some of the others are just over the top. I particularly like the word "ethically challenged" which in plain speak would be 'a corrupt politician'. Even though we are talking about a corrupt politician we can't hurt his feelings can we? Are they any "challenged" phrases that gets your hide, please do share it, I love getting worked up!

I saw the same recipe featured in 2 beautiful blogs here and here could not wait to try it. Did not have the small purple brinjals, all I had was 2 medium sized white brinjals and big white potates. Didn't hurt the dish tasted just as tasty. The white brinjal had a sweet soft flesh and went well with the potatoes.


Cubed brinjals and potatoes in a peanut sauce

1. 4 Medium sized Potatoes peeled and cubed (3 cups)
2. 2 long medium sized white brinjals cubed (1 1/2 cups)
3. seasonings: cumin, curry leaves,asfoetida
4. 2 tsp amchur powder
5. 1 tsp turmeric powder
6. 1/2 tbsp grated ginger
7. 2 tsp oil
8. salt to taste

For the spice blend
1. 1/4 cup roasted peanuts
2. 3/4 tbsp coriander seeds
3. 2 tsp cumin seeds
4. 5 red chilies

Roast 2-4 and along with the peanuts blend to a powder

1. In a pan heat oil and add the seasonings
2. Add the cubed brinjals, saute for a few minutes and then add the cubed potatoes
3. Add the grated ginger and turmeric and mix well
4. Add the spice blend and 1 1/2 cups of water, amchur powder, salt, place the lid on the pan and let them cook till the potatoes are completely cooked.

Serve with rice or chapatis.


  1. Some of those signs are frustratingly hilarious! My personal favorite "challenged" phrase is one that I use in regards to myself all the time. That is "vertically challenged!" People usually wind up being thoroughly amused.

    Love this dish! Eggplants and potatoes is definitely a favorite combo.

  2. I have so many brinjal dishes that I want to try... sounds yummy.

  3. water safe eh? I agree, wonder who comes up with these. I like the ethically chalenged one ;-)

    I have bookmarked this curry as well and hope to give it a try sometime.

  4. Brinjal and potatos in peanut sauce..? sounds interesting want to taste it right away :)

  5. ISG, the potatoes look delicious!
    (liked the combo of peanut sauce wt it!) On other note, maybe the notice wanted few words! :D

  6. Right, A lawyer must have come up with that word. In a sue-happy world, they are doing everything to protect themselves. No, they don't care about people or kids understanding it.

    The curry looks GREAT!!!

  7. I woudn't know what they mean by water safe, they are not talking about hot , cold or boiling water :-)

    Love the dish, looks so yumm and colour is so so apetizing.

  8. 'Water safe' indeed! Crazy terminology. I know many get my goat but can't think of a single one right now :(

    Curry sounds delicious!

  9. "Water Safe" and ethically challenged indeed-- ha ha :D

    I have never tried peanut sauce with anything except the thai sauce of course. Your nutty dishes inspires me now

  10. never heard of "water safe" :-D .. first does not make sense, second for some weird reason the phrase makes the children sound like things.. like microwave & dishwasher safe!! Yikes..

    Lovely recipe. i have always loved the combination of potato & brinjal but this sauce is so different. worth trying.

  11. vertically challenged == short ?
    I like it.

    Laavanya, you should, it very easy if you have peanuts handy.

    RC, exactly what were they thinking.

    Purnima, I will be happy if it was as benign as that.

    Sharmilee, get cracking, its pretty easy.

    Kay, exactly. Shouldn't they be worried about people understanding it, so the notice is there perhaps to satisfy some other legal requirement.

    HC, for sure they are not referring to that, which would be smart. Kids do get traumatized if they are in very hot or cold water!

    Vani, I know there are several of them for sure.

    Sandeepa, you will be hooked and I like it more because there is no tomatoes or onions our standard curry materials.

    Soma, I think you might be right and that is Yikes indeed. Now I am more mad than confused.

  12. Looks delicious.... Yummy recipe..

  13. Love brinjal in any form. But peanut sauce is new to me. Should try this interesting recipe.

  14. I absolutely love the sound of this dish and since I was just wondering what to make for dinner and I have everything I need for this at hand I think I am going to give this a try today, will let you know about how it turned out later :-)

  15. Tried this curry today and I loved it, its a big hit at home too, changed a few things , used tamarind instead of amchur and varied the spices a little too !

  16. Hi ,
    I love Brinjal and Potatoes very much . Perfect recipe for me . Will try . The picture is so good .
    I am new in blogger community . Please do visit my blog @

  17. Looks simple and lovely. Your curry looks somewhat dry but I like this version more than a saucy background. Not much stumping up with these phrases as we live in th land of "Tamizh" :)

  18. Anu, give it a try.

    A2Z Welcome!

    Usha, thanks for the quick feedback. The recipe is fool proof don't you think?

    Dolon, Welcome! I am going over there right now.

    Nirmala - DD still laughs about Snacks spelled as snakes in a baker in Tiruppur. Ofcours Tamizh spares you all the challenge :)

  19. For English being the first language in this country, their English really sucks.

    And I love the peanut sauce man! Isn't it super versatile?

  20. Hilarious!My personal fav wud be the "ethically challenged" bit:)Sumtng that I've read hospitals patients dont die ...they "fail to reach their wellness potential".Anything with brinjal and am game for it....lovely recipe.Thanks for sharing:)

  21. indo thats one nice read..:)..potatoes look good..and peanut must've really added the taste!

  22. i guess ur eggplants have started showing up.:)) i have yet to see them sprout up well..its still cold here!

  23. Water safe??? LOL... that is hilarious :)
    Before I forget, I am really glad to know u enjoyed rhengan reveya. there is something special abt peanut sauce, isn't it?


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