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No Ferment Oats 'N Grits Dosai (Indian style spicy crepes)

I am reading and watching with sadness the slow disappearance of printed editions of newspapers. From when I can remember, mornings always started with reading the newspaper and a cup of hot beverage. I am not looking forward to a the time when there will be no newspapers but an audio device which will start reading the news to you as you go about your morning business. Rushing out to get the newspaper in the morning is a loved ritual it seems in our house, DD usually brings it in to get her dose of the newspaper with the Kids Post and cartoons. To not miss out on the fun DD2 got up early a few days ago and wanted to bring the paper in. She put on her jacket, shoes and opened the door, she was doing fine till the alarm went off. Being the early morning hours the other members could not immediately rush to her aid. Well anyway once the din subsided she was proud to bring the newspaper inside. A simple acitivity like sitting near a well lit window and reading the newspaper brings immense pleasure that reading on the computer can never bring, though I must admit I get most of the news this way.

Newspapers have to take much of the blame, being slow to catch up with technology and are now paying the price. Unlike reading from a newspaper getting news online is a different experience clicking and moving away before reading in depth. I also realize I am getting lazy and actually prefer listening more than reading. This gives me the ability to multitask while I am getting my news fix. Audio version of newspapers anyone?

The Polling
Want to thank the poll participants for indulging me. I know that recipes are the main attraction of the blog and if I had any ideas of moving on to solely other topics I shelf the thought for now.

I picked up a box of steel cut oats and a box of of grits(coarsely ground corn/maize) during a visit to the grocery store after I watched a show on TV. Steel cut oats are less processed and are in kernel form than their rolled oats counterpart. The one thing I failed to notice in all the enthusiasm is the time taken to cook the steel cut oats. They have to be cooked for half an hour and soaking overnight might be required and this was a big ask for morning breakfast which is the time we usually eat oats. The problem with the grits on the other hand was none of us were overly taken by it other than DH who went to school in the South(LA) and grits brings him happy memories I guess. So both sat in the pantry till I saw this on Kay's LiveLoveWorkout and a bulb went off. If all else fails make dosai is the mantra but I forgot it and had to be reminded. She had used whole wheat flour I used grits and also added a portion of urad dal. I tried the dosai by adding whole ragi(finger millet). Adding ragi gave the dosai a distinct color whereas with the oats and grits there was very little difference from the regular rice dosai. But best of all no fermentation is required. Make the dosai right from the grinder/blender.


Linda was to give this recipe a try and let me know how easy it is compared to the conventional dosai. By the way did you read her beautiful review of an equally beautiful book?


Recipe Idea: Soaked Oats Dosa

No Ferment Oats 'N Grits Dosai
1. 2 cups steel cut oats (1 cup steel cut oats + 1 cup whole ragi)
2. 1 cup grits
3. 1/4 cup urad dal
4. 2 tsp cumin
5. a small piece asfoetida
6. 2 -3 dried red chilies
7. a few pepper corns
8. 1/2 onion chopped (optional)
9. a few curry leaves (optional)
10. Salt to taste

1. Soak 1,2,3 over night.
2. In a blender/grinder add the soaked oats,grits and dal and begin to blend
3. Mid way add the rest of the ingredients and blend to a fairly smooth texture.
4. The consistency should be loose but not watery.
5. Towards the end add salt.
6. Heat a griddle or dosai pan and pour a laddle of the batter and starting from the center using circular motion spread it around in a circular shape.
7. Add a few drops of oil on the side
8. Flip and cook for a few more minutes.

Serve with idli podi or chutney or sambhar.


  1. Grits sounds good. I have bought a pack, use it only to make cheese grits. Dosa is yummy Indo.

    It's hot today and tomorrow here. Bought some plants and herbs too, planted them. But they say it's going to be cold again from Monday.

    I tried Oats dosa too, loved it. Teff flour dosa/Injera would pack a punch as well, posted these at Aroma. Monday, I am posting another unique combo dosa for an event! :D

    Enjoy Sunday.
    I used to love to read those Phantom and Tarzan cartoons in India in the news paper everyday. Don't subscribe any here but sometimes we buy Sunday paper but get bored with all those ad pages more than news in there! :P

  2. I get my dose of news through NPR and the internet. I left my habit of reading a newspaper back in India :( Its sad that the paper companies are having to shut down though. May be a Harry Potter'esque way of having moving images would help it :D Here's an interesting video, look at minute 6.32 :)
    And lovely combo for a dosa ISG, must be the healthiest combo of all :)

  3. Asha, the temps. are going to be in the 50s on Monday, it should be a bit warmer for you, the plants should be Ok.
    Exactly why the papers are going out of business - not giving customers what they want.

    Priya, thanks. I did watch the demo - pretty cool eh?

  4. lovely idea to eats those oats!!

    I'd be lost without a newpaper to read with my morning cuppa...luckily the one paper we have here seems to be going strong!

  5. Glad you liked it, Indo!

  6. delicious dosas.. lip smacking :)

    would love to try.

  7. Thats a healthy n delicious dosais...

  8. So true about online news reading - I just read the gist of things rather than reading news in depth. Time being a factor too. Same as you - leave TV on while cooking so I can catch up. I must add, these days, I watch very little local news - it's too local(?!) and invaribaly filled with depressing stuff. I subscribe to newspaper only when my folks visit us. Both Nitin & I don't read them anymore, sadly.
    The dosas look great! Love the whole grain element going on there. Gotta try that. Maybe add some carrots for making it a complete meal.

  9. Looks like I missed a poll.. :(

  10. Nice dosa recipe. Healthy one.

  11. I agree with you on the newspaper. I get no pleasure reading anything online except Blogs:-). Some people read books online, & i have no clue how they do it!

    Love this idea of dosa... Great & healthy!

  12. It like Adai with oats and grits, very healthy way to start the day.

  13. Hi ISG -- thanks for your kind mention :)

    Hope you had a great weekend! Sounds like you all enjoyed the paper (poor DD2, remind me to tell you about little m when he was small, and alarms). And some yummy dosai! I finally got the steel cut oats, so they are on the menu for this week. I am sure they'll be delicious :)

    Polling, I guess I missed something! If the q was, do we like your insightful posts about politics, child-rearing, ecology, and life-in-general, my answer is a resounding *yes* and my vote is for a Daily Musings that combines all that with your wonderful home cooking :)

  14. I love my newspapers and we have two of them everyday and three on the weekend - its an indulgence but DH and I both really love it too much to give it up. I don't think we will be moving online anytime soon! I do however, read The Hindu online since we moved to Delhi and also the Guardian because it gives some very well balanced world views.

    The No ferment part of this recipe is very tempting!

  15. This sounds interesting Indo. Looks healthy too but how did it taste ? I could smell some earthy taste associated :) But the grit draws me to it and some ineresting combi are sprouting in my mind. Its true about online newspapers now bu being a lazy bug I can't get into so much info with the newspaper in the morning. Instead a good book (of my taste however) fascinates me more ! I always have adored u're knowledge and interest in politics and other social happenings Indo!

  16. Wow this sounds healthy and yum. Looks gr8!

  17. Reading newspaper in the morning with tea and biscuits used to be my dialy ritual back in India. We used to fight over the pages.

    Sadly it has all gone now. So good to know that your DD's have the habit. The dosas are healthy. I have never added grits before.

  18. Thats a lovely dosa.. infact Healthier too! About Newspapers, Feeling bad.. if everybody goes out of business..where is the country going to?

  19. YOu are so right about dosai being a lifesaver & very forgiving. Interesting combination and looks great.

  20. healthy...thanks for the recipe...i think the no ferment works for me as i am very lazy when it comes to that....

  21. The spiced crepes sound incredible, yum!

  22. Vani, you are right about watching the local news, you'd think that killings and robberies were all that is happening.

    Vani and Linda, I had this poll running on the right side bar for a couple of weeks.

    aquadaze, good for you, for some strange reason losing newspapers seems sad and a bit scary.

    Miri, ofcourse it is a ritual in a lot of homes and I guess in India newspapers are safe for now.

  23. Have never had grits. Must be tasty as well as healthy

    No newspaper subscription at my home. We subscribe to NatGeo and don't get time to read it entirely, more stuff is read online I guess

  24. brilliant. i love steel-cut oats, but as you said, when people are rushing around in the morning, it takes too much time. my friend gifted me a slow cooker. keep it overnight, and you're set. or pressure cook.


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