Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vermicelli, Javarisi (tapioca pearls) Payasam (Pudding) with almond paste

I have kept up my resolution for this year so far. I bake a loaf of bread every other week. I am still amazed at how easy the process is. Mix the dough in the morning, let it rise, knead and shape it in the evening, let it rise in the pan and bake at night when I am watching one of my favorite TV serials. While I am on the subject of serials, the one that has impressed me most this season is on Fox TV "Lie to Me". I was listening to NPR one evening when I heard the advisor to the show psychologist Paul Ekman professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco, on whose work the TV show is based on discussing the show and decided to watch it. I had missed the first episode but watched it on Fox web site. I would so love to have this skill and detect from facial expressions who is lying. But then again you really don't want to catch lies all the times right, living like an ostrich helps sometimes.


Do you pay bribes to your kids for being good or for them to forget the nagging they got from you? I seem to do it all the time. One such let's call it ahem difference of opinion happened a few days ago in the morning before getting ready for school. I can't remember exactly what the argument was about but after DD had left for school I started feeling bad about it. Once I decided I'd have something special when she comes home in the evening the feeling disappeared almost immediately. I had caught sight of this delcious Firni earlier and it seemed just the right candidate for any hard feelings. Payasam or pudding as you will read is a universal dessert cooked in every part of the world. I am strange and I am not fond of rice in payasam. Though payasam has been one of my favorite desserts, my mind does not say yes to rice payasam. You have the right to call me crazy. The Rice Pudding was delicious and creamy and I enjoyed it thoroughly but if it is called payasam it cannot have rice. Vermicelli and tapioca pearls are in my mind the parts that make payasam whole and DD loves spooning the floating pearls. Needless to say the DDs enjoyed the payasam thoroughly and the almond paste added made it doubly rich and creamy.

Vermicelli, Tapioca Pearls Payasam
1. 1/4 cup vermicelli roasted (roast the vermicelli in a drop of ghee till it turns color)
2. 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls cooked in about a cup of water for 5-8 minutes
3. 10-15 almonds soaked in water and peeled
4. 2 tbsp cashews and raising roasted in ghee
5. 2-3 tbsp of sugar
6. 3 cups of milk (I used 1% milk, did not have whole milk handy)
7. 1 tbsp MTR badam mix (optional) or 1 tsp powdered cardamom and a pinch of saffron
1. In a heavy bottomed pan add the milk and let it come to a boil
2. Blend the almonds to a paste with a bit of milk and add it to the boiling milk
3. Now add the roasted vermicelli and cooked tapioca pearls
4. Let it continue to boil till the milk reduces to one third.
5. Add sugar and badam mixand let it dissolve completely
6. Now add the roasted cashews and raisins

Serve warm or chilled. Add chopped nuts on top before serving.


  1. Enough to melt the heart of any child... adult too! I do the very same thing ISG, with my kids. Mom-specialty I think :)

  2. I don't like rice payasam either... but then I'm a diehard paruppu payasam fan! I don't hate semiya/javvarisi payasam, but can eat a small cup. I'm weird that way. :)

    Good idea about the almonds in it! So, did the peace offering work?

  3. What an excellent combination of ingredients. Definitely a must try recipe. Bookmarked.

  4. Linda,I am glad to hear I am not alone.

    Kay, paruppu payasam was a regular in my ammayi's house with lots of coconut gratings, cashews and raisins and for the life of me I can't remember why I was not that fond of it . So I can understand when you say only a small cup. Now that I don't get the delicacy I like it a lot more and that reminds I should make it some time.

    Oh and it worked big time. DD was all smiles but even otherwise she does not hold a grudge/anger for more than 10 minutes, whereas with DD2 I have to really work hard.

    Mythreyee, it was lovely, the almonds gave it a great texture.

  5. I love rice payasam/kheer/pudding whatever you call it :) I never used to like parippu payasam before, but now I like that one too. Haven't seen lie to me yet, heard good things about it. I might have to catch it on DVD next year, as I am already watching way too much TV :)

  6. Lovely payasam recipe. Looks so good. Ur payasam looks so creamy...YUM!

    Belated Valentine's Day wishes!!!

  7. so glad that you got over that hard feeling so soon! no one should feel bad once they see your vericelli payasam! me too, don't care rice in payasam too much. You are so creative :D

  8. I could easlt get away with bribing my daughter with sweets or some goodies she loved when she was young, but now she is 16 not that easy :-(

  9. I forgot to write i love payasom and this looks so yumm, never tried tapioca in payasom.

  10. Woww looks superb..excellent combination n love the addition of almond paste:)

  11. Just catching up on Monday morning! :D

    YEah, I saw that episode too. Most of the time, you cam tell when people are lying. They look down, and fidget or stare without blinking. I HATE liars!

    I lobve Bones and Fringe too. Payasam looks yum, I haven't anything with Sago for a long time although I have a packet. I found my Kollu pack btw and am on cooking with them. I made a Pongal and your Kollu Rasam too, will post next week. Have a great Monday.
    We are all down with sniffles at last! :D

  12. That must've won her over for sure.. this was my favorite payasam growing up but now i like paal payasam.

  13. Love the combination of ingredients you have used, the payasam looks creamy and delicious :-)

    Regarding the ragi flour, you can substitute either the oat flour or the barley flour with ragi flour, I think though more than that may overwhelm the flavor of the roti..hope that answers your question :-)

  14. My daughter love vermicilli kheer, more than the rice. My firni is long gone... I have never used Tapioca pearls myself, but loved the texture when someone had made a kheer for me.

    I always feel miserable later, when i get upset with my kids :-(

  15. Ahh, I have told S I am going to put up a chart, giving her -ve points and + points and then depending on the outcome, she will be bribed or not ;-)
    But she refuses to even have a single spoon of payasam, maybe I will have all of it :)

  16. oh man.. ur payasam drives me nuts.. looks terrific.

  17. I love the vermicilli and sago combination as well. But then I love Rice kheer too :-))

    That reminds me that in our custom we do not prepare Rice kheer on good occasions but only on occasion like death anniversary. That thought sometimes makes thin of Rice payasa in a different way.

    Also what can I say about kids, I yelled at my 3 year old today and had a miserable day at work. Hugs to you, ISG.

  18. I've never tried adding Sabudana with Vermicelli...this is new to me.And the same with almond paste...thats a rich and creamy payasam.Lovely recipe,am sure this bribe worked well:)

  19. Thats a lovely treat.. Nice flavours added.. Aromatic! I too add MTR badam mix to all my payasam varieties.. That gives a wonderful taste.. Isn't it?

  20. Thats a hit,,all the ingredients sure make it so yummy..loved the click too..:)
    Guess its ma first time here..loved ur space totally..:)


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