Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kollu - Horsegram Chutney for Idli and Dosai

The past few weeks have been celebration time for Spain and looks like it is all set to continue for a bit longer. What with the Euro Cup win coming after 44 years and Raphael Nadal's Wimbeldon win in a marathon of a match. Though not a huge tennis fan in recent years, this match had me glued to the chair. After a sumptious lunch on a long weekend sunday afternoon, this was a lazy relaxing way to end the day, ofcourse a little saddened by the long weekend coming to an end.

Dee had asked about dishes that can be made with Horsegram(kollu) and around the same time my mom was talking about the chutney she had made for paniyarams with horsegram. So we set around to cooking this easy and quick chutney to be had as a side for dosai.

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Serves : 3-4
1. 1/4 - 1/2 cup Horsegram
2. 2 red chilies
3. 2 tbsp grated fresh coconut
4. tamarind a small piece
5. 6-10 small pearl onions
6. 2 cloves garlic
7. Seasonings: curry leaves, urad dal, red chili split, mustard seeds


1. Roast the horsegram till it start to crackle, keep aside
2. In a bit of oil saute the onions till brown, the garlic till it is soft, saute the red chilies and tamarind a bit
3. Mix with grated coconut and remove from the flame.
4. Add salt and blend to a paste. Preserve the water that is used to clean the blender.

Keep the chutney thick if you want to serve with rice. If serving with idli or dosai add the preserved water.

5.In a pan heat oil, add the split white lentil (urad dal) and when brown add the curry leaves,red chili and mustard seeds and when the mustard starts to pop, pour over the chutney.

Other Horsegram dishes:
1. Horsegram and Snake Gourd
2. The original Kollu paruppu chutney and rasam


  1. I love horsegram! We make a rasam & an usli out of it usually. Love the recipe for the chutney! Am bookmarking this.

  2. We were glued to TV as well to watch Germany-Spain finals, but forgot about the men's wimblendon. It is not the same when we were in India.

    This chutney is very new to me and I got to try it.

  3. hmmm chutney looks yummy.... what do u call horseradish in hindi, do u know?

  4. nice looking kollu chutney.. I remember ur kollu rasam post too.i have heard that kollu is very good for health..

  5. I love this and I loved your original kollu chutney too. Just the kind of everyday, norishing meals that moms used to dish out. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  6. That's great! I love chutneys and am bookmarking this one!

  7. Can't go wrong with another horsegram recipe, yum! Rainwater collection page is really interesting ISG -- thanks for that link. Back to work today, yes... but at least the kids are still free :)

  8. I made Paati's Kollu chutney,loved it. I will try your's and might take it to vacation too this weekend! Hahaha!!

  9. aah! yes! what a beautiful game that was, the best game i've ever seen & both the players were in their element. Federer's grace & class shone thru inspite of the loss, absolutely inspirational :)

    that is a lovely idea for a chutney, isg!

  10. Wow Indo! another one :) Thanks!

  11. And Oh, the match was too good. Nadal fought for it till the end and won it. This must have been his most cherished win ever.

  12. Vani, have to try the usli, do you have the recipe, head over there to check out.

    RC, I won't make you feel bad, but it was a final to remember, was fantastic.

    Rachna, you mean horsegram? it is called Kulith I guess. I have no idea what horse radish is called though!

    Prema yes the first one posted is the traditional way to cook kollu.

    delhibelle thanks, yes the simplicity is what makes them so attractive I agree.

    sunshinemom let me know if you cook this one.

  13. Linda, right you are, can never go wrong with kollu. Isn't it a fine way to save and use up some of the rain water. It was terribly sad to go back to work yesterday but oh well what can you do.

    Richa, I actually thought of you while I was watching the match. Federer is indeed a class act.

    Kay, yes amma's new recipe with Kollu, Nadal did great and I bet this must be his most cherished ever. What a game it was!

  14. I love this chutney, look so simple yet delicious...
    yah... the people in my area went wild after Spain won the euro cup

  15. chutney looks so tempting Indo :) .
    wich what do you serve this with normally ?

  16. Amazing chutney, Indo!! Am bookmarking this, too! :)

  17. Thankyou dear , Lovely , Im gonna try this too and I just soaked some for the Snake gourd , I finally found one two days ago :) Will post the recipes soon !


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