Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mangai Thokku - Grated Mango Pickle

Summer and Mangoes are synonymous in my opinion. Back home mangoes were a plenty, loved eating the green raw mangoes with some salt and chili powder more then enjoying the creamy sweetness of the ripe ones. Kili Mooku Maangai (Parrot Beak Mango) was made just for this purpose rarely have I seen it being eaten ripe. But sour mangoes are very very rare here, most of them are green and hard but when cut open the flesh is yellow and is sweet. But I hit pay dirt the last time I bought some green mangoes from the Indian grocery store. The mango rice was delicious with the sourness which I least expected and the rest that got made into sambhar was equally delicious. So I ran back to the store to get a few more to make some mango thokku. If the mango is sour can thokku be far behind?

    Green Earth
    A sunny spot, a flower pot, some soil and seeds is all that is required to grow greens of any kind. Swiss Chard proved especially suitable, profilic in leaves production and resistant to pests that seem to plague Amaranth and some of the other greens that are more familiar to me. I tasted Swiss Chard a couple of years ago for the first time and have been hooked. Taking the lead of an article in NPR's Kitchen Window planted a few seeds last summer. I was amazed by the bounty lasting through October. I sowed some seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are sprouting already. Ready to join me in some Swiss Chard growing?


1. 2 big firm green raw mangoes (grated about 2 cups)
2. 1/2 cup sesame oil
3. 2 tsp methi-fenugreek seeds
4. 2 tsp mustard seeds
5. 1 tsp asfoetida
6. 1 1/2 tbsp red chili powder
7. 1 tbsp salt or to taste

Mango Thokku

1. Roast 3,4,5 one by one and set aside, cool and powder
2. In a Pan (kadai) heat about half of the oil and add the grated mango and saute for a about 8-10 minutes, till they start to lose the moisture.
3. Add the powdered mixture, chili powder and salt and mix
4. Let it continue to cook, now heat the rest of the oil splutter mustard seeds and add it to the mango.
5. Continue to cook till oil starts to separate on the sides.

If you are like me and would love something spicy for breakfast, this is a perfect spread for bread, English muffins or even bagels. Spread some cream cheese, spread a layer of the mango thokku.


  1. swiss chard is our favourite veggie in the garden - easy to grow and last through the season. right now, as i type this, i'm eating dal made with chard from our garden. thokku looks great

  2. I had some small green mangoes about a month ago, ISG, but thought they were long past. Now I'll have to check again. That thokku looks decadent. Your swiss chard is really sprouting! I have a few pots yet to plant... but will join you for chard, for sure. Also have a mystery gourd, maybe you can solve? ;)

  3. this looks like a great spread. Mango pickle is looking delicious. thanks for sharing.

  4. Ooooooohh should grow some swiss chard then. Plan to do only container veggies this time and haven't started anything yet. Was wondering what to do.
    Did you get seeds from the nursery ?

    Mango pickle is yumm, but never tried any on bread or for breakfast :) Does this stay, how long ?

  5. BTW how come you are commuting these days ? I thought you worked from home

  6. this is so yummy! i luv mango thokku...there used to be mango tree in my grannys house and fduring summer holidays she used to do this yummy thokku for us :)

  7. hmm this looks nice..nd delicious,..

  8. I love this. Mom used to prepare it. I bought two mangoes to make them. I had thought of blogging it too. Glad to see it here.

  9. Hi...
    Ur mango thokku was a YUMMY! recipe. So mouthwatering. Looks so good. Nice to see the swiss chard growing. Expecting more delightful recipe of swiss chard.

  10. what a lovely thokku - i love eating mango thokku with almost anything (i've been caught spreading it on toast as well! :) )

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Good Monday morning Indo! I got up early today to catch up with blogs, once everybody are reday we are off again. Arvindwas on call, he is free today!:)
    Brinjal shorva looka yummy. Guess what? Red chards are the first I sowd and I already cooked with it, they are so yummy, baby chards! My first harvest, updated the photos at Life..
    Love Mango Thokku, I have readymade Thokku. Since I don't get good raw mangoes, that's the next best thing!:)
    Have a relaxing Monday, see you later!:)

  12. I love this...thanks for the recipe!

  13. Bee, you said it, I am sad it took me a decade or more to get on to it :) Lucky you, I have to wait for a couple more weeks atleast.

    Linda, I did check out your sprouting wonders, can't wait to see them bloom and fruit. Maybe you will chance on green mangoes soon. Add a bit of jaggery if it is too hot.

    Uma, Hetal,notyet100 thank you, give it a try.

    Sandeepa, yes Swiss Chard is perfect for a container garden. I picket these seeds at Home Depot, they should be available almost anywhere (both Organic and Conventional).
    Don't know what you are missing :) they are absolutely delicious on buttered toast, English muffins, wrapped in a roti. Lasts In the fridge 10-15 days (if it is still unused that is). If you add twice the amount of oil specified - maybe longer.

    Regarding, commuting my team got bought, my full time work from home days are over. I go to work twice a week.

    Lg looking forward to seeing your version.

    Sangeeth a warm welcome to you. Oh Yes! the luxury of the back yard mango tree! A longing sigh!!

    Sukanya, me too looking forward to many more of those swiss chard dishes.

    Arundati, why not - even on pancake ;) works for me. That is what makes everything breakfast, I am not talking about typical Indian but Western items palatable.

    Asha, just took a look at those amazing chard leaves, lucky you. Did you catch Indy? Have a great time.

  14. I am also seeing sour mangoes everywhere these days... Been just eating them with salt... :) I love,love mango thokku.... the picture is making me drool...

  15. Wow ISG, the thokku looks inviting! Ur swiss chard is looking great! Hope it grows soon, so that u can enjoy it in cooked form! :)

  16. Telling myself :: No, she didn't post on Mango Thokku... No, She didn't. No, don't go looking for that picture... else you'll feel homesick and will start planning your next India trip. Focus on swiss chard instead... :)

    Sigh! we don't have a balcony in our super high rise building. I so want to try gardening.

    Maybe I'll try a tiny garden on my window sill. Those words 'Easy to grow' are tempting me. :)

  17. Manga thokku- If amma did not make them summer felt incomplete. I love manga thokku with chapathi.

  18. Kay, give the tiny window sill a try. Mango season makes me homesick too!

  19. its like finding a needle in hay when it comes to getting real sour green mangoes here. thokku looks mouth watering indo. i am bookmarking this recipe of urs to try when i get good mangoes.

  20. Mango thokku looks delicious, Indo! Will have to make this soon. Swiss chard looks great! :)

  21. A fine use of mango! I really need to explore pickles more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. I made manga thokku too. First try, but turned out very good.

  23. Am here after so long...and simply love your Green Earth initiative :) Cluster beans paruppu usili is my ultimate comfort food :)
    Can Swiss chard grow out of a pot?

  24. Sorry for the repeat question, read your reply to sandeepa's Q :)

  25. pickle looks soooo tempting indo


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