Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kathrikkai Kadaisal (Mashed Brinjal)

My post on weekdays are usually done at night, but sometimes I do them in the morning, just before running off to work. This dish like this post is quick and easy, perfect for a quick meal on a weekday night.

Don't be fooled by the looks of my picture, my photographic skills have not done justice to this tasty dish.

Winter time, we tend to watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books, the reason I love public libraries ? couple of months ago I was in a video store looking for the movie, they did not have it, but our public library did! It is our favorite haunt especially during these cold winter months. And the movie, "Mr Smith Goes to Washington", a good one to watch if you are a novice running for political office! :). Even otherwise it was fascinating to see how graft greases the wheels of the political machinery. Democracy in action! Nothing new but interesting just the same.

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Kathirkkai Kadaisal (Mashed Brinjal)
1. 2 long Eggplants chopped (any eggplant would do, I used the long ones)
2. 1/2 Red Onion chopped
3. 4 cloves garlic chopped
4. 2 Red Chilies split in half seeds removed
5. 1 Tomato Chopped (1 or 2 depending on how tomatoey you want it)
6. seasonings : curry leaves, cumin , mustard
7. 1 tsp oil

1. In a Pressure cooker heat a tsp of oil, add the seasonings, when the mustard starts to pop
2. add the onions and garlic and saute till translucent,
3. Add the red chilies, tomatoes and saute for a minute
4. Add the eggplant pieces and saute for a minute more
5. Add salt
6. Pressure cook for 2 whistles or 5-6 minutes

Let the steam escape, open and mash with a mathu or the back of a spoon.

Serve with idlis or rice.

Mathu as it is called in Tamil is used for mashing, this is also used to mash dal, greens etc., What is it called in other languages? Is it common in North Indian kitchens too? What would the English word be?

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Small one purchased in the US is called "Crack and Peel" - use it to pound garlic, ginger, spices etc. , the tool with the long handle called "mathu" in Tamil is used to mash dal, greens and the kitchens I have visited are never without it.


  1. Bhurta south Indian style! YUM!
    See you in 2 weeks, hugs to you!:)

  2. ISG,
    I do the same too but I also add boiled potatoes. Actually, I did this dish 3 weeks back but did not post it thinking that people would not like it b'coz it didn't look very appealing. But you are so right about not to be fooled by the looks. I'll post mine soon.
    And next time, I'll try it with the brinjal alone. Your idlli is tempting me to dunk it in the kadaisal and have a bite.

  3. I make something similar to this. but I add chilly powder to it, so it looks red. This will be good with idlies

  4. I love this.. especially with idlis.

  5. Kathrikkai kadaisal with idlis. You get to eat breakfast this delicious everyday?

  6. I love eggplant and this looks really delicious.

  7. Asha, never thought of it that way, yes absolutely. You have fun friend, will miss you.

    Kribha, oh yes, I do add potatoes too, they taste good with chapthis. I have posted that a while ago. Yes looks is not everything :)

    Rina, chilly powder works too. Tastes great with idlis.

    laavanya, true they make a good pair.

    Suganya, that was not breakfast :( but dinner last night. I only wish.

    Vegeyum thanks, for a eggplant lover this is a must try.

  8. ISG, I'm like you in timing of my posts, and love of brinjal! My mouth is watering here...

    My daughter spent the afternoon at the library today, until I could pick her up on my way home. She brought out a BAG full of cds. Happily she remembered a book or two as well ;) Next time she goes I must leave work early before she empties the place :)

    It's been weeks since I went to the Indian store. Now I know I must make time this weekend. The brinjals are calling and your kathrikkai kadaisal is too tempting. Love the name too, new one to me. Thanks for the kick I needed to get to the store! :)

  9. I also like to watch movies in winter but in summer also. As you say I love to watch movie in any season my dear. Books are best friend forever. Mashed brinjal curry is full of iron and good in winter.:))

  10. That looks super-easy and delicious! I keep eating idli with sambar and this will be such a tasty change from the routine.

  11. Linda, LOL the little one does that she picks up every book she finds on the way and we need a trailer to lug it home :)

    "Kadaisal" is the Tamil word for mashing using this wooden tool called "mathu". I have posted a picture take a look. the small one was purchased here but was not meant for mashing so the next visit to India I bought this one.

    The name suited the dish could not find a more suitable word, what do you think?

    Kajal, yes there is no season for watching movies :) but we watch more during winter to chase away those blues.

    Nupur, yes idli and sambhar are made for each other but a new suitor like this brinjal or just mashed tomatoes taste great too. Give it a try you will be hooked.

  12. Nice one,don't worry about the photo. Reading how the recipe goes, i know that it is delicious. Public library system in the US is one of the best things that happened to me here. Jimmy Stewart is awesome in that movie.

  13. Almost like a bharta, usually the brinjal is roasted on fire, here I broil it and then almost same process.

    Hey in your area is the library open late on Fridays ? Here(in my town) it shuts shop at 5 on Fridays, I so wish to vegetate there on Fr nights

  14. mashed brinjal looks soooo deleciousss i have to try this recipe thanks for sharing

  15. I can never imagine anything other than the regular chutney-sambar with idli...and look what we have here! After being served chhole with idli, I know better now!

  16. Archana, done, worries no more :)
    Absolutely, Libraries are the best, if ever I move back to India for good, this is one thing I am going to miss like crazy. I had only watched Jimmy Stewart that is knowingly in a couple of Hitchcock movies Vertigo and Man who knew too much. He was fabulous in the movie. sure.

    Sandeepa, yes broil them on the open flame and mash, they taste great with rice and my aunt use to cook it with big green brinjals They shut shop at 5.00PM here too, me too would like to do that, fridays are the worst during winter :(

    Sagari, quick and very easy, give it a try.

    Anita, idli would make its apperance atleast 5 days in a week and coconut chutney and sambhar starts getting boring pretty soon though undoubtedly the best pairing, so we end up making chutney with any veggie you could get your hand on.

  17. Wow, on the contrary to ur statement, I love the pic ISG, if I have some extra brinjals, this dish is must by me..Yumm-O

    ~ Siri

  18. I usually bake the eggplant in the oven or electric fry pan until it get cooked well. Then I add onion,green pepper, ginger,curry leaves, turmeric, tamarind, salt, cook well. Then I add the cooked eggplant and cook for few more minutes. This also goes well with white rice, idli, etc.


  19. Hi,

    The recipes are very good and mouth watering. I would like to be added to your blogroll ( I am still a budding cook unlike you.

    You dishes are YUM!


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