Saturday, June 16, 2007

Simple Lunch 5

Have you noticed that food tastes specially good when the ingredients are from your own garden? The meal was the usual simple weekend affair but I am especially proud because the ingredients for two of the dishes came from my garden. I have never grown Swiss Chard before, but I happened on this article "Letting Leafy Greens into Your Life" at the right time, I ran to the store to get some seeds and they were in the ground the very next day. About 6 weeks later I have enough for some tasty sambhar. The other ingredient was Sugar Snap Peas whose flowers I had posted a few weeks earlier. The pods are bit more delicate and suitable for cooking, their crunchy fresh taste was something to savor. A recipe that is simple and is pretty much a regular in most of our homes.

Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Lima Beans and Peas Poriyal
1. 1 1/2 Sugar Snap Peas destring and chop
2. 1/4 Cup Peas
3. 1/4 Cup Baby Lima Peas
4. 1/2 Cup Red Onion Chopped
5. 3 Green Chillies Slit
6. Seasonings mustard, urad dal, Curry Leaves
7. 1 tbsp of fresh grated coconut

1. In a Pan (Kadai) heat oil add the urad dal when brown add the mustard and curry leaves when the mustard starts to pop
2. Add the Green Chillies and saute for a second or two
3. Add the Onions and saute till translucent
4. Add the peas, lima beans and the chopped Sugar Snap Peas, add salt cover and cook till the peas are done (5-8 minutes).
5. Open the lid let any moisture evaporate, adjust salt.
6. Switch off heat, sprinkle the coconut and mix well.

Serve with rice and sambhar or as a side for chapthis.


  1. Poriyal looks so delicious with all those good legumes ISG! I love sugar snap peas too - bet it was extra special with those. Your swiss chard looks beautiful too! Happy to see your garden back in full swing :)

  2. Hey, you added that pic of the sambhar! I know, cause I was looking for that very bowl earlier ;) Looks scrumptious!

  3. Those peas look so nice, Indo, mild, crunchy and sweetish.

  4. Love that first photo. Looks so beautiful. Fresh from the garden. I can imagine the taste. Tks for sharing. Viji

  5. Hey ISG,how are you doing?poriyal looks great.I use a lot of sugar snap peas all the time too.Wow,can;t believe you grew the chard in your garden.I think I will finally have to start some gardening now.

  6. You have a lovely garden ! Liked the idli upma recipe too.

  7. ur plant looks so beautiful & colorful!
    the poriyal is so quick to make, must taste yum with such fresh veg! I'm waiting for my plants to produce some yummy vegs :)

  8. Beautiful!! I planted some Swiss chard seeds,I got one out so far!:))Dish looks great .

  9. You have such lovely greens growing, I am J :( My surviving spinach made a nice dinner for the rabbits. One morning I got up and saw the tops all gone !!!

    Now we only have the tomatoes and the beans and I was waiting to use those lone spinach greens

  10. Linda, oh sure they tasted really fresh and crunchy which you rarely get with the store bought Veggies.
    Me too, keeps me happy and a calm reflection.

    Yes Linda I forgot about the picture and had to post it again.

    Sra thanks, yes the Sugar Snap Peas have a lovely sweet taste and being fresh off the plant doubly crunchy.

    Thanks Viji.

    Vini doing great, the Swiss Chard was in a pot and they grew really fast. You should start a garden, it is relaxing and lots of fun.

    Jyothsna, thankyou. Welcome!

    Richa looking forward to the yum recipes that you are goign to cook up with those fresh veggies.

    Asha I thought Swiss Chard was very prolific, hope a few sprout and make you happy.

    Sandeepa, I feel for you, I know what damage the rabbits can do. We have a fence but had to slap some deer netting so the rabbit won't get in. Why don't you put a few poles around the plants and wrap with some deer netting.

  11. Garden-fresh stuff tastes the best.. Unfortunately we don't have a garden.. So, I satisfy my garden-cravings by looking at your blog and RP's and Gini's.. and now, Sandeepa's too.

    That fresh grated coconut is speaking to me. :)

  12. Kay do you have a sunny Patio? if you do buy a pot and get hold of a Tomato /Pepper Seedling and give it a try. It is a lot of fun.

    I rarely use coconut in poriyals but this was one I had to add coconut.

  13. Alas, no! We have (have for the next 3 days) a patio - the place we are moving to doesn't have even that. :( the green view from the windows is the sole consolation.

    Well, I guess I'll just enjoy the company of pothos, until we get some place to garden. :)


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