Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guessing Game! Revealed.

Flowers which would soon turn into a beloved Veggie (I hope)! Can you guess?

Thanks all,for playing along.

It is Peas! Bee you got it! I knew you would, saw a pea plant in your blog too. So did Mandira, Deepa Cooks ,Linda (I think misled you by calling it a beloved veggie right? I love peas too) and Inji

Revathi, Asha, Gangadhar, Shaheen,Sia,Jyothi,Sandeepa and Deepa good guesses all. Thank you.


  1. First of all,they are beautiful!!
    I am a bad guesser although leaves look like they are cucumbers!It's a little early for cucumbers,I know!;P

  2. Okra (Bhindi)

  3. what ever it is, its lovely:) i have seen this flower...cant remember what it is.... mmm...are they beans? or peas?

  4. Hi ISG -- they're so pretty and I agree, looks like pea blossoms but can't recall peas being your fav veggie. Okra is a good guess too I think. Or... how about... couldn't be eggplant so soon, could it? Snake gourd? Did you start that plant indoors, whatever it is? :)

    Loved your pic of the Potomac in the chicken liver fry post, too :)

  5. I will be after Asha.....its cucumber........i think so...waiting for result. Looks beautiful.

  6. Leaves look more like beans than okra

  7. i think it is brinjal ...that too green one ....

  8. Sorry din't participate in the guessing nor would be able to know what was it :o, the plant looks so good.


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