Sunday, October 1, 2006

Paal Alva (Milk Pudding)

Saraswathi Pooja
Today is Saraswathi Pooja the day we offer our prayers to Goddess Saraswathi the Goddess of Learning and the Arts. Children's books and artistical instruments are put in front of the goddess during pooja. Saraswathi Pooja is preceded by Ayudha Pooja the day we offer prayers at our place of business.

On the occasion of Saraswathi Pooja I made Paal alva, simple but a rich dish. Gets done in a jiffy. You might wonder how this is different from Kesari, I had the same doubt too, but once you taste it you would understand how the two are totally different.

Paal Alva
Good times are always invariably linked to good food. As soon as I mentioned Paal Alva my daughter connected her visit to my grandmothers house and the occasion for which she had the dish came to her mind almost instantly.

I have made slight alterations in the measurements from my grandmothers recipe especially the ghee. I reduced the ghee from 2 cups to 1/2 and increased the milk from 3 cups to 4, but tasted just as delicious


1. 1 Cup Ravai (Cream of Wheat)
2. 4 Cups Milk (I used 2%)
3. 1/2 cup ghee
4. 2 1/2 cups sugar (or as per taste)
5. 1 pod of cardamom powdered
6. 2 tbsp Cahsews broken into pieces ( or any nuts you prefer)
7. 2 tbsp of raisins

1. In a heavy bottomed pan, fry the Cream of wheat till slightly brown, set aside.
2. In the same add a tsp of ghee and fry the nuts and raisins, set aside.
3.Pour the milk into the pan and bring to a boil.
4. Now add the cream of wheat, keep stirring adding the cream of wheat slowly.
5. When the cream of wheat is cooked add the sugar and mix well.
6. Add the ghee and the nuts and raisins and the powdered cardamom.
7. Keep stirring till the liquid is evaported but the texture should be like that of rice pudding.


  1. We do need Saraswathi in our lives, specially our kids here!! Good for you for celebrating!! Pal Alva looks delicious, I will make it Diwali!! Thanks Indo!!:))

  2. This is one dish I love but just cannot make myself. It is the ghee. As long as someone else makes it, I can eat it.:) happy holidays..

  3. Saraswathi pooja and Ayudha pooja is one thing we dont miss.. we too keep the books in front of god and read it the next day..we sure need the blessings of sarawathi.
    Paal halwa looks nice.. I do something like this with broken wheat .

  4. wow...looks really delicious,yaa ..its does look similar to kesari. I infact made a inbetween dish for the pooja this time. I followed the kesari recipe but substituted half the amount of total water with milk. I liked the mellowed down rich taste that milk gave.

  5. I am really craving for some milk based sweets right now. :)
    Can I take that bowl of milk pudding with your permission please?? I wish I could, but I know I have to go to the freezer and look for some ice-cream to end this craving. :)

  6. This recipe almost sounds like the regular kesari we prepare.. looks delicious ISG.

  7. Pal alva looks yummy. I made sundal and payasam for saraswati puja and the next day made coconut burfi for prasadam


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