Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tomato Pickle in winter?

Why Not? During the height of summer when the tomatoes could not be all utilized be it using them up or giving them away or selling you can preserver them for use during the winter months. The tomatoes in the stores at this time of the year are tasteless and they just satisfy the need for a tomato in a recipe but nothing else.

Stewed and frozen tomatoes

When you grow tomatoes you realize not all of them look pretty and well formed. There are some that have to be used right away. Collect a bunch of these and like the method followed in this recipe for making pickles stew the tomatoes, cool them completely. Put them in Ziploc bags or plastic boxes and push them to the back of the freezer. While whole tomatoes can be frozen just as they are and used for curries, pasta sauces and chutneys, stewed tomatoes can make a very tasty tomato thokku pickles.

If you are not growing tomatoes but come summer when tomatoes flood the farmers markets and super markets, buy them when they are cheap. Moreover some of the markets sell a day or couple of days old tomatoes at almost throwaway prices. So watch for those as well.

Frozen red chilies

Come winter they come really hand when you are craving for something tomato and tasty. While I have been postponing using the stewed tomatoes, they came handy when I was running out of pickles and getting tired of the store bought pickles and craving for some home made pickles.

I also had frozen hot chili peppers which also came in handy for making of these pickles. Thaw up the stewed tomatoes, minced the red chili peppers with garlic and proceed to making the thokku pickle. These thokku pickles are versatile, they can be used as a spread for sandwiches, as a rice mix and even for cooking fried rice. So it is condiment that is not a luxury but a necessity.

Pickled and ready to use

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  1. You tomato pickle looks real nice!

  2. how do you freeze chillies to keep them for long? thanks!

    1. I do not do anything special to freeze them. I stem the chilies, wash and dry them completely and then freeze. Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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