Friday, December 19, 2014

Revisting some old recipes

Some recipes are tried once and forgotten. Some are regulars that get made over and over again. Some make an appearance every now and then till a much better recipe takes over.

I have 2 recipes here that were posted a long time ago.

The first one is Vaangi Bhath which I tried again after a long time. It tasted good but the Basmati rice I was using was a new brand which required a lot more water than what I normally use. So it took a while for the rice to cook and that posed some problems. Here is the line for Vangi Bhath or Kathrikkai Sadam.

The second recipe is a favorite that keeps getting cooked over and over again,
Raw banana roast with some powdered spices makes it a perfect side dish for dal or any bland curries or even as a snack. Here is the link.

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