Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grain of the Week - 45 - Nepali Kodo Millet - Finger Millet

The Nepali millet that is called Kodo millet is what we refer to as Finger Millet or Ragi in Tamil. The one from Nepal is slightly bigger than the finger millet we are familiar with and it is also slightly darker and rough to the touch.

Finger millet grows in the arid regions of South India and as it adapts to high altitudes it is also grown in the mountainous regions of Nepal. The nutritious Kodo Millet is used to make several delicacies in Nepal. It is also used to make Rakshi the distilled alcoholic drink popular in Nepal (source).

Kodo is rich in iron and calcium and the phytochemicals found in the millet slows down the digestion process and hence is considered a good food for diabetics. Kodo is rich in fiber and the ground millet flour is used for making a variety of delicious recipes.

Moreover most millets are grown organically and including them as part of a regular diet will be a smart thing to do.

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