Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grain of the Week - 6 - Cholam - Sorghum

I grew up watching sorghum being grown and harvested. It is grown mostly in the arid regions of TamilNadu. Recent times it is caught on as a grain of choice because it is gluten free. It makes up the composition of most gluten free flours.

Back home I have seen sorghum being cooked into paniyaram and dosai. It can also be cooked like rice and popped like corn. Well the Tamil word for sorghum is cholam which is also what maize is called as well.

As I read more about this grain, I find that it is well known here in the US as well.

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  1. Hi Indo, not sure whether Jowar and Sorghum are the same. I bought Bob's red mill sorghum flour and it smelled and tasted just like jowar flour back in India. I grew up eating jowar rotis for breakfast most of my school and college days. It was a staple in some regions of Andhra Pradesh, but I think the tradition is soon fading away even in rural areas. I am glad and blessed that my mom who used to work full time would prepare these rotis early in the morning for us.


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