Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorghum Dosai (Vellai Cholam Dosai)

I rarely ever make New Years resolution for fear of breaking them before the first week is out. But this year I made one, to avoid buying bread and bake my own. I set out to make bread and started with the no knead bread and then to other bread. I have been happy with results so far. I have not bought bread so far in 2009. My bread making trial in detail in a future post. While bread baking requires a lot of effort from my part, dosai making is almost effortless.

Sorghum (called Jowar in Hindi) is a grain common in the Kongu region of TamilNadu used mainly for fodder but it is a delicious fodder for humans as well. Chola Paniyaram is one delicious dish that can be made with sorghum. If paniyaram is made and enjoyed can dosai be far behind? The paniyaram batter required the addition of rice but the dosai batter does not require the addition of rice. My mom specifically asked me to point out that the addition of rice is not required for both the paniyaram and the dosai. The sorghum in this recipe can be substituted with any millet. The batter does not require any fermentation and dosai can be made almost immediately. The addition of onions, red chilies, cumin make this a savory delight.

Chola dosai with coriander chutney

Chola Dosai (Sorghum Dosai)
  1. 1 cup of cholam
  2. 1/4 cup of urad dal
  3. Soak overnight
  4. 1/2 red onion
  5. 3 red chilies
  6. 1 tsp cumin seeds
  7. a small piece of asfoetida
  8. few curry leaves
  9. salt to taste

  1. Blend the cholam and urad dal and when half done add the rest of the ingredients, add salt remove to a vessel. Add enough so the consistency is that of pancake batter
  2. Head a griddle and pour a laddle of batter on to the hot surface
  3. Spread the batter around in a circular motion
  4. Spray oil on the sides, when one side is cooked flip and cook on the other side
  5. Serve with chutney of choice

I had a packet of lotus stem laying around in the freezer for a while. This recipe on Alka's Sindhi Rasoi meant I had no more excuses for giving this a try and putting the lotus stems to good use. The simple ingredient list for the Bhee Patata/Lotus Stem Potato curry meant I could make them almost the very next day. I had soaked Black chana the previous so used those instead of the green peas.



  1. Yay to you for sticking to your resolution... Looking forward to your bread posts, I have been meaning to bake some healthy whole grain breads too, haven't got around to it yet..

  2. I love to make resolutions which I can keep easily, otherwise I won't make it! :D

    Good for you, looking forward to more breads from you. Did you check Aroma? Posted a great healthy bread last week..Spinach and Feta..

    Jolad hittu/Jowar dosa looks yum, easy to make too. As always delicious side dish from you!:))

  3. How you guys do so for the week leaves me tired and you are baking bread too !!!


  4. WOWWWWW!!! Way to go, Indo! I'd LOVE to read about your venture in to bread baking. That's a very nice doable resolution!

    Chola dosai, eh! :) I have to get myself some chola maavu and make this. I can eat this one since it's wholegrain. I have to try your chola paniyaram too!

  5. I've not cooked with cholam or lotus stems before.. how unique. While making cinnamon rolls with a friend over the holidays, we talked abt the same thing.. how it seems so cumbersome and waiting for the yeast to rise etc.. then we remarked how we don't bat an eyelid when making idlis/dosas inspite of the soaking, grinding, fermenting :)

  6. very different. haven't heard of this one. looks yummy though! gravy looks delicious too.

  7. Nice recipe. Cholam means corn, right?

  8. Very interesting and different recipe - thanks Indo! And good wishes on keeping your resolutions!

  9. We usually make Rotti from Jowar and this is new to me. Very nutrious as well. Hope to see more bread recipes from you.

    Hope you are having a good New Year ISG. Also hope you enjoy Obama's inaguration. "see" you in few weeks.

  10. great decision. I am looking forward to your post on bread making.

  11. Sig, I was more scared of the process than it actually turned out to be.

    Asha, this resolution is being kept so far. I will check out the bread spinach and feta, should be delicious.

    Sandeepa, I have lot of time on my hands now :)

    Kay, YES! Did it.
    Get hold of some chola mavu, this dosai is tasty!

    Vanamala, thanks

    Laavanya, isn't it funny.

    Mahimaa, if you do get some sorghum give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

    Vibaas, it is not corn if you are thinking of maize. The linked post has a picture if you want to look at it, this is smaller grain and looks more like a millet.

    Miri thanks.

    RC, keeping our fingers crossed for some good weather. Jowar dosai is delicious too.

    good life, soon.

  12. My mom makes amazing sorghum flour flatbreads and we call it DODO.But this is yet another way of having sorghum,very unique and new to me
    And hey the curry looks lovely,and adding black chana make it more nutritious

  13. I tried this yesterday! Came out real good! Thanks Indo.

  14. Chola dosai looks yummyy,,, m missing my mom's cooking nowwwwww. We use to get solam from our field n make dosai,kazhi,paniyaram all those things.but now here m misssiiinnngggg.Our Kongu samayal always super allooo.

  15. Even after soaking it for a day, when i grind it it feels very coarse. Is this how it is?

    1. How coarse? If it is in the consistency of rava it should be fine.

      The batter would not get as smooth as rice batter.
      But if the coarseness does not get in the way of making the dosa it should be fine.


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