Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orange Lemonade Recipe

Is Your Supermarket Chucking Foods Before They Expire?, saw this article on Mother Jones magazine website and my thoughts turned to my attitude towards 'Sell by' and 'Use by' dates on food packages.

I grew up in India were refrigerating cooked food for more than a day at least back then was unheard of. Vegetables were in the crisper for a couple of days maybe. We mostly used our senses - noses, tongues and hands to detect if fruits, vegetables, milk or any food for that matter has gone bad.

I still carry that technique to detect freshness of food even with the plethora of dates on most packaged food products. Though I ignore the dates to figure out if they are spoiled I definitely use these dates to buy stuff from the store especially the quick perishables like meat, milk etc., but once they land in my pantry or refrigerator I generally use my nose to tell if they have to be thrown away.

I am actually glad when something goes bad as opposed to them staying the same even after a good couple of weeks. Makes me wonder if these unspoilable food are real food but that is a story for another day.

I know and have seen people throw away perfectly good food because the dates on the packages say otherwise and are on or near the expiry date.

What is your attitude towards these dates on food products?

Moving on to the recipe,
I am on not terribly fond of orange juices. I rarely buy them and never reach for them unless I have no other choice. Those are the times when I want to avoid the donuts but want something sweet. The metallic taste of most store bought orange juices is what I do not like about it.

Freshly squeezed orange juices on the other hand tastes like well how fruit juice should taste fresh and sweet. It was no wonder that when I saw some orange lemonade at my favorite Amish Lancaster Dutch market I could not resist picking it up. It doesn't hurt that they usually make the juices on the premise and does not have any additives.

When the half gallon we bought ran out we set out to make our own. Simple recipe but delicious as they come. My dear friend and her kids were visiting and I tested the juice on them. While my friend found the juice a tad sweet, the kids liked it. So control the amount of sugar you add or skip it altogether.

Orange Lemonade Recipe
1. Juice from 6 medium sized lemons
2. Juice from 6-8 Oranges (see note)
3. 1/4 cup of sugar (half this amount should suffice)
4. 3 cups of water

1. Mix in all the ingredients, refrigerate.
2. Add ice cubes just before serving.

1. I strained out the pulp (of course you can eat this later) but leave it in if you like it that way.


  1. Lovely and super refreshing drink.

  2. Same here I never chuck out food because of the date, unless if it is meat. The rest i just chek if it is gone bad etc....
    Have to say i was surprised to see in the supermarket next to my mom's place , they were just cutting the veggies and putting in the big bin and i was like there are so many poor ppl or ppl who are having less monty why don't they give to them. Guess the trend is catching up in India too about all these dates etc...

    1. Got to be careful with meat especially in the summer time when it tends to go bad pretty quickly. I agree I too mostly go with the dates on meats.

  3. Must try this sometime.. sounds easy.

  4. Like you, I mostly ignore the stamped dates and use the time-honored "sniff test" to check if foods are OK. But my true aim is to use food as quickly as possible rather than letting them sit in the fridge for too long. Since I go shopping every weekend anyway.

    1. I totally agree Nupur, nothing like buying just enough so we don't have to throw anything ou.

  5. Waste of food ends up as waste of money as well isnt it Indo? I buy what I need for that week, thats all.. I often wonder when recalls come up- what do Non Veg people do, does it show by smell/looks/taste? esp kid foods..
    I am not a big fan of OJ either, I'd rather take mixed juice.


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