Monday, March 30, 2009

Date 'n Nut Balls

Swiss Chard Challenge:
Have you started to setup up pots for the Swiss Chard? Its about time, in some areas it might be warm enough to sow seeds.

Green Earth
I am sure everyone dreams about stuff to do in the house. I have many such dreams too numerous to count but mostly those that I do not necessarily act on. One is of a recurring kind where I derive my power independent of the power grid. I have these shiny solar panels on the roof catching all the power from the sun. This I know is a costly dream but in all probability will pay off in a few years. I realize it does not have to be a dream when I read a news article in the Washington Post a few weeks ago. A Maryland couple had installed their solar panels almost 20 years ago and the panels are erected about six feet from the ground and their 2000 square feet home has been fully powered by these panels. State and federal government offer subsidies for installing solar systems. Another Maryland resident has installed a windmill to generate power for his home. Though we do have winds powerful enough to blow off our siding now and then, this might not be a viable option. If you are interested in reading the articles, links here

Md.Couple Basks In Savings From A 19-Year Old Solar System

Green Answers, Blowing in the Wind

It is really encouraging to read these articles and when the time comes and with money readily available(I am pretty sure this would be the stumbling block) maybe I'd convince myself and other responsible parties to give this a try.

I have a sweet tooth, a severe one at that. When I was a kids whenever ammayee(grand mom) sent mysore pa or gulab jamuns I ate them early in the morning right after brushing my teeth. I seemed to carry that even today, now I indulge on sugary breakfast cereals as a snack early in the morning. Cereals are good for you aren't they. Having sweet things without sugar added seem to be a great idea.

I saw these date and walnut balls on Linda's Make Life Sweeter a long time ago and had been planning on making them ever since. It came to pass when I bought a lot of walnuts and had to use them before they became rancid.

Mahima of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen has a version of the these balls here.

I also used a handful of peanuts and after a couple of days I saw oil pooled in the bottom of the container. Peanut/walnut oil?. A dab with a piece of paper towel removed the oil. A ball during midday satisfied my sweet and hunger pangs. DD loved it but DD2 did not take to them.


Recipe Source: Halawa Tamr (date and walnut balls)

Makes: 15 balls

1. 1 1/2 cups of walnuts and peanuts
2. 10 dates
3. handful of raisins
1. Blend the nuts,dates and raisins till they come together in a mass.
2. Roll out into small lime sized balls


  1. That's a healthy energy-packed sweet, ISG! Looks delicious. Solar panels would be neat, indeed.

  2. They look so delicious and nutritious. Even I have a severe sweeth tooth, but I prefer to have anything sweet after lunch or dinner.

  3. delicious balls and healthy too. thanks for mentioning my name here. your recipe is simple and highly nutritious.

    btw.. i tried your mung dal quick sambar for dinner today.. I am yet to have it with dosas but I already tasted the sambar just like that. i will go to that post and comment now :))

  4. DD1 seems to have inherited your sweet genes! ;D

    Sweet looks great, I would make a marble size and pop in one a day at the most. Now, if you give me a box of Chaklis, that's whole another story! Hahaha.

    Ground is still cold even though it gets upper 60F in the day. So, I have to wait 3 more weeks to sow but they grow so fast, not a problem.

  5. I need to make these.. i was these at Mahimaa's place & had been wanting to do it, but either run out of nuts or dates:-)

    but if i make these, i don't think anyone else gets a share.

  6. Can i call these nutri-balls? Looks perfect and delicious! I too heard a news about soemone getting Electricity bills less than 5 bucks by using solar panels.

  7. What a quicky, easy & healthy way of satisfying one's sweet tooth.

  8. Have walnuts and dates, will make them

  9. This is very easy and nutritious as well. I am so going to make this, thanks for the lovely recipe.

  10. Looks delicious, I make another version of this with roasted and powdered oats and other nuts included in it....I have a severe sweet tooth too and have vastly given up on sweets now as compared to when I was younger :-(

  11. mmmm..yummy! i did not have a sweet tooth growing up..but i seem to have been bitten by that bug..while continuing my love for salthy snacks....and having it the first thing in the morning...look at it this have the whole day to burn it off ;)

    About the solar panels...i too have fantasies on installing them if i ever build my own home...i really do not know why they are not popular in india...seems like a no-brainer to me..esp. with the never ending summer we got there!!

  12. Healthy nuts balls...looks gorgeous!

  13. Thanks Indo for trying out the moong dal tamarind kuzhambu! Nice to hear that u liked it!

  14. this looks great Indo. I think I am going to try making it this weekend :)

  15. Nutricious nutty balls. Looks like kammarkat to me.

  16. Healthy and delicious balls!

  17. Very funnily, over the past 5 years I have started hating nuts in any of the sweets I have including chocolate - which I used to love before....but these seem to be really interesting!

  18. Hi, Happy Sri Rama Navami!

  19. nice!!! looks perfect for my lunchtime "dessert". maybe, rolling them in dried dessicated coconut won't give you sticky fingers.

  20. Looks tasty and delicious


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