Friday, September 5, 2008

Brinjal (Eggplant) Stir Fry

The conventions for both the parties just got over and we are closer to making a decision regarding which candidates we are going to vote for correct?. Don't think so! It did exactly the opposite for me. In both the conventions great things were said about the candidate themselves and not so flattering things about their respective opponents. What exactly are we supposed to be looking for in a presidential candidate that would make us want to cast our vote one way or the other? From what I have seen so far from both the camps none has a coherent plan on how they are going to lead the country.
I want a president who would improve the standing of America in the eyes of the world.
I have no idea what he would do in Iraq but that problem should be solved and the troops brought home.
I want complete commitment to alternative energy sources.
I want him to solve the Health care crisis once for all.
I want him to keep out of my life, body and soul.

We need a President who is willing to make hard choices especially related to the environment. It is now or never.

I came of age during the Clinton Presidency and long for those good old days of the go go 90s. So you'll understand my disappointment when the other Clinton did not win the nomination. But the only woman in the race frankly scares me and it is an insult to my intelligence if they thought that just because she is a woman I would be jumping in and voting for her. I am not impressed with the hope candidate either. I watched the convention hoping it will become clear what he stands for but unfortunately I am not. But boy can he give a speech or what. It is pretty clear that he has energized and enthused all kinds of voters and of all ages.

    Green Earth
    Where do you stand in regards to drilling in ANWR? I stand on the side of No Drilling. There are very few pristine areas left on the earth for future generations. If oil dependence is the main reason to drill there from what I hear - it is not going to do much for dependence on foreign oil.
    What is ANWR? Artic National Wildlife Refuge

Now on to the recipe,
Brinjals are up there in the list of my favorite vegetables. Garden fresh from the back yard it is even better. A simple stir fry is the best way to enjoy those fresh tender brinjals. My mom uses a bit of amchur powder to avoid the slightly bitter taste that creeps in when stir fried. The cut brinjal is dropped into water to keep it from changing color but this adds extra moisture. To avoid this cut the brinjals and add them to the pan directly.


Serves: 4 Ingredients
1. 8-10 small purple Brinjals (I used a combination of purple and round almost white ones) wash and keep ready. (Brinjals are to be cut lengthwise)
2. 1/2 Red Onion cut lengthwise
3. 2-3 garlic cloves sliced
4. 1 tsp amchur powder
5. 1/2 tbsp sambhar powder
6. to powder: 1 tbsp roasted channa dal + 1/4 tsp cumin
7. seasonings - curry leaves, mustard seeds, 1 red chili
8. 1-2 tsp oil

1. In a wok or a wide mouthed pan heat oil and when hot add the mustard seeds followed by the curry leaves and red chili
2. Add the onions and sliced garlic and saute till onions turn translucent. Add the amchur powder and mix.
3. Now start adding the cut brinjals and saute till for a few minutes. Add the sambhar powder and salt.
4. Now cover with a lid and cook for about 8-10 minutes till completely cooked. Do not overcook. Cooking times can vary depending on the time of brinjal and if they are tender.
6. Now add the powdered channa dal powder mix well, cook for a minute or two, check for salt and switch off the heat.

Goes well with rice or as a side for rotis.

Other popular Brinjal dishes:
1. Spicy Brinjal Curry
2. Brinjal in spicy buttermilk sauce



  2. Hi ISG, I am a bit disappointed with the two 'choices' for president.

    However, can never be disappointed with your brinjal dishes! This one looks perfect to showcase that garden-fresh taste! I have brinjals to pick yet -- it's been so warm here they are growing like mad :)

  3. How are you Indo? We are hit by Hannah this morning, but we just got some rain which we needed badly, so it's all good!:))

    Painting the dining room and powder room now, everything is coming along.Kitchen will be ready by Nov, fingers crossed. I might come back blogging on Christmas or even 2009, hopefully.

    Brinjal fry is mouthwatering.I didn't get many Eggplants this year, got many Ridge gourds!

    Take care, see you when I can. Been shopping for appliances for 3 weeks now, all stainless steel,Labor day sale helped a lot!:D

  4. Hey Indo... how have you been? I don't get why you are disappointed with one choice.. but hey, you have been following the election campaign more closely than I am. So, maybe you know better.

    Those brinjals look yummy!

  5. I saw both the conventions too and felt as if candidates were behaving and given the treatment of movie stars. All they did was idle talk and involved in throwing mud at each other. Just waste of time and money.
    I agree with all the points you raised for being the president, but then I belive that nobody including Clinton has the calibre to tackle the issues. These people are mere puppets in hands of Congressmen, lobbyists, energy companies and wealthy corporations who sponsor their candidacy.

    Grrr.....! I loved your simple yet delish brinjal fry.

  6. lovely, simple curry.

  7. Comment from Bhawana

    brinjal is my favourite, n I can have it in differnt ways. urs is looking very tempting will try this one.

    Sorry Bhawana! did not mean to, but rejected the comment by mistake and realize that a comment rejected cannot be retrieved.

  8. this looks delicious ISG, I have a few eggplants from the farmer's market left...can't wait to try it soon!

  9. I love brinjal & this bhaji looks super-yum, ISG!
    Something for you in my latest post. Take a look when you get a chance!

  10. Hmmm...sambar powder...I've done that!
    Good luck with your Presidential hopes...

  11. Indosungod,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Do try out the Paruppu-Urundai Kuzhambu and let me know how you like it.. :)
    You’ve got some great recipes on your blog; I am going to try out your eggplant stir fry right today! :)


  12. Brinjal is my favorite vegetable and that curry is looking so delicious.

  13. yeah...That simply awesome!!

  14. us presidental election is is most showed news on most of the news channels here in UK and to tell u frankly i am quite fed up with it ;)
    and boy, can i eat all that brinjal stir fry in one go or what!!! they look superb.

  15. Hi Indo,
    Brinjal stir fry looks too good ..will try it out sometime.

  16. Hi ya
    This is my first time here...
    the dish looks so tempting.....

    i am pretty new to this blogging world....jus popped in to say my big hi!

  17. drill away, de-list the polar bear from the endangered species list and laugh at the idea of global warming. yet her ratings have gone up. something is screwed up in the way people think.

  18. looks very good .. this is a different version .. can take anything made out of eggplants

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