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Simple Lunches - 13 Snake Gourd Kootu

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I feel a sense of hope as I see the scale in Chip-In moving towards the right. I am extremely proud of the blogging community that has made this possible and ofcourse all the generous donors bloggers and non bloggers. Bri Good Luck and Best Wishes. Please visit Jugalbandi for the info and opportunity to participate in the June Click - Special Edition.

I am all for simplicity these days. In my simple world 1=1 but the Democratic primary has my head spinning where 1 is not equal to one, it is more like one equals 2, 1 1/2, 1/2 and so forth. A simple voter is not expected to know these nuances right? But no doubt it voters fired up involved in the process. The Millenlial generation is expected to play a big role in the elections this year, unlike the apathetic Gen Xers who gave up hope in the whole thing. This is a history making election, no matter how you look at it. The hope express has come far and the straight talking express has taken shortcuts and twists and turns.

Simple is all I wanted after all this complication.


Snake Gourd Kootu
1. 2 Snake Medium sized Gourds the outside skin scraped and cut into small pieces
2. 3/4 Cup Moong Dal pressure cooked with a bit of oil and turmeric powder
3. 1/4 Red onion chopped
4. 2 Red chilies - split
5. Seasonings: mustard,cumin and curry leaves
6. Oil
7. Salt to taste

For the Paste
1. 2 Red Chilies
2. 3 Green chilies
3. 1 1/2 tsp urad dal
4. 1 tsp coriander seeds
5. 1/2 tsp cumin
6. 1/4 tsp asfoetida
6. a few roasted chana dal (to aid in the blending process)
Make a paste with a bit of water

1. In a pan heat some oil and season with mustard, cumin and curry leaves followed by the split red chilies
2. Saute the onions till translucent
3. Add the chopped snake gourd and saute till the raw smell goes
4. Add the paste and a cup of water and let the snake gourd cook completely.
5. Add cooked moong dal and salt. Mix, bring it to a boil and turn off the heat.

Serve with rice and a poriyal or varuval. We had it with chapathis and banana fry (roasted with just sambhar powder and salt. Recipe here for another version.

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  1. thanks for your support, dear indo, and for your donation.

  2. Simple dishes are the best tasting Indo! Kootu looks delicious.
    I have heard so much about your sambhar pd from Linda, I HAVE TO make it now orelse I can't sleep!! Lucky you, where did you get that Snake gourd?:D
    My snake, Ridge and Bottle gourds seeds, all have sprouted! I am so happy. This time we made huge hole underneath the pot, so roots go to ground. I might get these gourds this year! Oh, can't wait for August. HeHe!

  3. I love this kottu.
    I like it much more with rice.
    I know what you mean, i am always going and looking the jugalbandi page to see how far are they with the target.

  4. Its been 2 years since I've seen snake gourd in my town. They don't even come frozen.

  5. simple dishes are always the most comforting of all..this snake gourd is really tempting and good...i love it..

  6. Kootu looks great and I love the fact that it doesn't have coconut, too! The elections have my head spinning, too. It'll be really interesting to see how this all plays out! :)

  7. Bee, kudos to you first for getting it started.

    Asha, they are always good like soul food. Asha 2 years ago I had quiet a few Snake Gourds but don't have the seeds this year. Ridge gourd seeds yes, mine too are starting to sprout.

    HC, yes tastes best with rice with a spicy roast or stir fry. :)

    Suganya now I am curious which part of the US you live in, you have perfect weather but don't get these veggies! Hmm!

    Ranji, Are you enjoying your blogging break?

    Yes, Kalai forgot to mention that, yes this kootu is different that way. Perfect entertainment don't you think?

  8. that kootu looks wonderful indo!..nice simple ones!

  9. Snake gourd kootu looks so good. YUM!. Love snake gourd so much. It is a very simple and YUM!

  10. Hi Indo - I'm a new fan...I used to purchase a ready-made Sambhar powder from Whole Foods, but they do not sell it any more. I have purchased all of the ingredients that you previously listed in your Sambhar Powder(June 22, 2007), but your preparation instructions are not very detailed. Would you please elaborate? Especially on the mustard (seeds or powder? What color, if seeds) and also explain "till they turn color slightly and powder"...does that mean grind into powder? Also, fresh or dry curry leaves? Thank you!!

  11. m:l I am so glad you are attempting to make your own sambhar powder. I have added a few more instructions to the post.HTH. I should have mentioned mustard seeds instead of just mustard :(

    Curry leaves can be fresh, if you have dried ones that is fine too, just roast a little bit, if fresh roast till it gets brittle.

    Let me know how it turns out.

  12. Now I am wishing the mystery gourds will turn into snake gourd :)

    Lovely flowers from cheery blossoms!

  13. Thank you so much Indo! I am so excited to get started! Your added details to the Sambhar Powder post are great...again, thank you!

  14. I have never tastewd snake gourd. Your gravy looks so tempting, though.
    By the way, round-up for T&T May is up now. Hope you re ready for the June challenge.


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