Sunday, June 1, 2008

Raw Mango Paratha

Ha! you say. You knew I was going to get there soon didn't you :) I have been to the store a few times already after I spotted those sour green mangoes. Thokku was made, sambhar was made and now it is paratha time. If sour and spicy is something that interests you then this paratha is a must try. We had a few left over and they tasted even better the next day.

The kids are eagerly looking forward to the summer, so am I. Hopefully will be able to take some vacation time and enjoy the heat and humidity in leisure, cook some dishes which have been postponed for want of time, relax in the garden and generally enjoy life. What are your plans for the summer?

    Green Earth
    Every good action has good and bad outcomes. There is no point obsessing about anything. Here are a few examples.

    1. Like me if you think leaving the windows open saves gas compared to turning on the AC think again. AC according to Consumer Reports and burns about 1 gallon per mile but burns more if windows are open due to air resistance.

    2. Organic Farming uses far more land than Conventional Farming to produce the same amount of food. This takes away land from forests which absorb carbon dioxide and leaves less for wilderness area.
    Source: Readers Digest


Don't you think I should have remembered to send this to Roti Mela. I am doing it now after a gentle nudge from Valli. Off it goes.

1. 1 Mango (skin removed if too thick) and grated
2. 1/2 Meduim sized red onion grated
3. 2 tsp of grated ginger
4. 1/2 tbsp red chili powder or 2 tsp grated green chilies
5. 2 tsp cumin powder
6. 3 cups wheat flour
7. 3 tbsp yogurt (I did not add but it would make the parathas soft)
7. salt to taste

1. Mix together to form a pliable dough.
2. Add the grated mango and onion without removing any of the liquid.
3. Add the yougurt if doing so
3. Sprinkle water only if the moisture is not sufficient

Set aside for about 20-30 minutes
Roll out and fry with a bit of oil on both sides.

Served with some yogurt flavored with onions and tomatoes and Mint chutney.


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  1. i just fish curry with my mango though..but nice combination..this i gotto try.

  2. Allo Allo! Am I the first one here!:)))
    Yeah, lucky girl to get the authentic Indian green mangoes. I got 2 from Charlotte last time I went there, we both ate them greedily with salt and chilli pd!:D
    Paratha looks yum, I can imagine the sour and spice taste.
    Enjoy the Sunday. We are thinking of major projects this Summer like stripping off wall paper and painting the bathroom etc.Got to put kids to work!
    Always forget to tell you. Keep all the kids vaccination records up to date including exact dates of Chicken pox etc. Now I am learning all those due to Trisha's college.She had 2 boosters already. I will make post at DMC this Summer, might help parents!:))

  3. Making good use of the raw mango season? Good job Indo.. :) And thanks for that tip about open windows using up more gas than A/C. Since I have allergies opening windows is not really an option, so this helps my conscience :)

  4. Mango in Parathas, whoa that is something I have never tasted. Great idea !!!

  5. ISG, all the goodies in this paratha sound really great! Love the look with yogurt and chutney, a whole meal :)

    Good points for green earth today, too. I hope you have lots of relaxing in the garden and in the kitchen and everywhere else you want to be, this summer. I am growing a jungle on my deck... many mystery seeds coming now! Photos soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  6. Very innovative! I wish i could get some raw mangoes here! Will keep this idea in mind to try when i get them.

  7. New to me. Will have to try. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mango Parathas....that must have tasted like heaven. I can't wait to eat some mangoes now. Very nice recipe.

  9. Indo..thats real cool...I never thought one would make with mango...and how abt sending this to my mela?

  10. Now, I have never ventured putting raw mango into parathas. I add all sorts of veggies, but not this. This is a cool idea.
    As far as summer is concerned it is just "work work and work" :-(

  11. Mangoes in paratha...a novel thing to me...nice one..

  12. Hello,
    This is Alka,from
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment
    Regarding ur query about koki,yes u first need to roll out a bit(size of puri)then took off from tawa,then roll it again to the size and thickness of paratha and cook again
    But two things should be kept in mind,one don't compromise with the amount of oil(less oil will make it dry and hard,more will make it crumbly)and second thing is that if u r making thick ones,dont forget to prick it here and there,so that it cooks up properly

  13. indo paratha looks yummy..i will try this and let you know!!

  14. cool idea to use raw mangoes in paratha! Must have tasted great.

  15. Just y'day I bought raw mangoes. Thanks for the recipe :)

  16. Shaheen, yes ofcourse tastes great with fish. Got to cook that too soon.

    Asha, I see the frozen green mangoes, maybe you can find those. It is best to put kids to work during the summer and if that helps around the house even great.
    Thanks for that great tip Asha, I used to have records but not anymore, will sort it out. It would be a great post at DMC.

    Sig, absolutely to the hilt :) I too have struggled and wondered and knowing about it definitely helps.

    Sandeepa, if you like sour taste this is to be tried.

    Musical, frozen green mangoes perhaps?

    Cilantro, welcome. Sour Mango lovers got to try this.

    Madhu, get working right away.

    Linda, it was tasty meal, the kids absolutely loved the paratha. Looking forward to those mystery gourds.

    Valli, I knew I was missing something, I remembered when I was making the paratha but forgot when I posted it. Doing it right away. Do try with the mangoes you get back home and let me know how you liked it.

    RC, just a brain wave I guess :) But if you think about it why not right? Hope you get to have some fun too.

    Rachel, give it a try.

    Alka, you have a great blog, I spent quiet a while there, beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. Oh and thanks, will definitely let you know how it turns out.

    Lavi, with the mangoes you get over there, it should be fantastic. I am eager to hear your verdict!

    Uma, thanks, it did indeed.

    Suganya, work your magic. I bet would look a lot more beautiful :)

  17. I just recently made parathas for the first time and I'm hooked. Mango sounds like a fine addition!

  18. Bookmarked, Indo. My taste buds will be in heaven! :)

  19. Oh, that's lovely ISG! Raw mango with spices stuffed in a paratha! Yum!

  20. Hi is a different paratha. Never tried it before. Nice combo. YUM!

  21. I am savoury all the green (raw) mango I can get too :)

  22. what a creative idea indo love the parathas


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