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Kokum Rasam and Earth Day

Earth Day
Though we renew our commitments to the environment on this day, practising sustainable living should be an every day affair. Simple, small things can make a big difference to make this planet greener. Scientists are of the opinion that we have a small window of about 10 -20 years before the changes brought on by Global Warming becomes irreversible.

Cherry Blossom
Photo Courtesy: Cherry Blossoms

    Green Earth

    Tip 1: Line Dry the laundry in the backyard or patio and give a rest to the dryer during the hot summer months.

    Tip 2: Unplug electric equipments from power outlets when not in use.
    US Dept of Energy - Enery Saving Tips

    Tip 3: Cofee grounds, brown paper filters and crushed egg shells not only enrich the soil but also save young leaves from crawling insects.
    - Linda

Kokum Rasam:
Recipe Source: Sia of Monsoon Spice
Sia had blogged this mouth watering Tambli made with kokum, a couple of weeks ago. I had this Kokum from Linda's Arusuvai pacakage and was wondering what to cook with it and commented about the same to Sia. In the next few minutes an email arrived with the subject line "Not a spam"! Ofcourse the email had some precious stuff and would have never been mistaken for a spam. The recipe was so simple but the taste of Kokum Rasam is something to be savored. Thanks Sia for the wonderful recipe and thanks again Linda for introducing this beautiful ingredient.


1. 8 Kokum pieces soaked in water
2. 1/4 inch piece of crushed ginger
3. 3 green chilies slit
4. 3 garlic pods chopped
5. 1 red chili split
6. 1 tsp pepper powder (I added cumin,pepper and coriander seeds powdered)
7. seasonings mustard, curry leaves
8. 1/2 tbsp chopped onions (optional, not in Sia's recipe, I added them by habit)

1. Heat the soaked Kokum Pieces, slit green chilies, crushed ginger in a pan with about 3 cups of water
2. Let it come to a boil (about 5-10 minutes)
3. Add the pepper powder (fish out the kokum pieces as per Sia's recipe I left them in)
4. Add salt and adjust for taste/
5. Meanwhile heat some oil, add mustard, curry leaves, red chilies and saute the onions and garlic
6. Add the seasonings to the rasam

The rasam was simply deliciious with rice and just by itself. I am not going to tamarind based rasams any time soon provided I can buy some kokum in my local grocery store.


  1. This is my fav i make it sweeter version and add buttermilk and drink it like taht.

  2. lovely! kokum sure has such a pleasing taste! happy earth day!

  3. nice tips on the earthday. the rasam looks delicious.

  4. If I am right Kokum is the same as aamsol and I used to eat it like we eat nellikai. I will try this recipe soon.

  5. ISG, I forgot to add, that I tried the raw banana fry..super o super pa:)

  6. great recipe. happy earth day to you, dear indo.

  7. I have kokum too. Will try this. Was kokum similar to tamarind when cooked?

  8. That sounds wonderful!
    I have some kokum at home- at least that is what I think it is! It does not like like the stuff u have soaked though...

  9. I have to try this saar, ISG! Looks so appetizing! I have some pretty and precious kokum from dear Nupur, this seems like a very good investment for it :).

  10. PS: Happy Earth Day to you too, dear.

  11. SMN I have some left over to try the sweet version.

    Cynthia, I have only seen the dried version. From what I hear it is considered a spice and is the dried fruit of a tropical tree. It has a sour taste and can be used in place of tamarind but not as fruity.

    Richa so true, I am hooked.

    Sagari, Uma thanks

    Shankari, am not really sure, Kokum is very new to me. Super o Super - :) can't beat that, I am super o super happy that you liked them banana fries.

    Bee, thanks to Sia, it is one delicious recipe for sure.

    Suganya, tamarind is more fruity, Kokum just imparts the taste no pulp left over and the sour taste is ever so subtle. Give it a try, you will like it.

    TBC, Linda told me these were white Kokum, guess there is a black variety and it did look different when I saw them on a few other blogs.

    Musical, if you like clear soups this recipe will be a good investment for those precious beauties.

  12. I'm so happy you enjoyed the kokum! Sia's recipe sounds perfect for a light meal, and knowing your way with rasam I bet it was extra-tasty. I must try soon!

    Cheery Blossom photo is lovely, indeed, and please do keep the green tips coming :)

  13. Nice rasam, Indo! Happy earth day to you! :)

  14. I have never tasted Kokum :(

  15. Of course I couldn't wait to try this ISG, so had it cooking as soon as I saw your post. Thanks for showing me a new way with kokum. Sia's rasam via daily musings is really great :)

  16. Linda, I was hoping you would. I am so glad you did. As a clear soup this one is the best. How did you like it?

  17. ISG, I think I like it even better than your kollu rasam and that's saying alot!

    It was even tastier for sitting overnight. I chopped up a few mint leaves and added them to the hot rasam -- had a cup for breakfast :)

  18. Thanks for the tips on how to conserve and also for the great recipe:D


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