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Chicken Liver Fry

Memorial Day: A Moment to honor our Veterans
The start of the Summer heralded by the long weekend is a time of fun but for the reminder by the parade of bikers who ride to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in the Nation's Capital to honor their fallen comrades the purpose of the holiday will be all but forgotten. I would like to take a moment to remember them.

Potomac River in all its glory (Reminds me of Cauvery River and home)

If this is one of those things that brings out the Ewww factor stop reading. Growing up I remember fighting for the lonely piece of Chicken Liver whenever chicken was cooked if at all it survived the cooking process getting so soft when cooked it might just get dissolved. Back home we buy chicken by the number, get the chicken that weighs as much as we want to buy, so the chances of more than one chicken liver is not likely.

Iron Content (7.5mg for 90 g)
There was a Blood Drive by the Red Cross at work. I proceeded to donate some, among the various that are done to better determine if it is ok to give blood, the nurse did one test where she dropped a drop of blood into a test tube of some solution and the blood just kept floating, it is supposed to sink. So she took another droplet of blood for the same test to be done in a machine which showed that my blood was borderline for iron. Another point to the left I would have been disqualified. Disqualified I was in the next test because of my visit to India 8 months ago. It must be a year before you can donate blood if you travel to a country where Malaria is prevalent.

This gave me a scare and prompted me to look for foods that are rich in iron content. Nothing can beat Chicken Liver in the iron content department. I had gone grocery shopping with a friend who bought a tub of Chicken Liver which prompted me to grab one too (usually I just walk past wondering what I would do with that much liver) and she also gave me a simple quick recipe.

Eating too much liver is not good because it also a significant source of Vitamin A. Read this story in Britons 'eating too much liver'. Well I did not know that Britons were fond of liver.

Chicken Liver Fry (Serves about 4 Liver Loving Adults)

1. Chicken Liver (20 oz) washed thoroughly and cut in half if needed
2. 1/2 Red Onion Sliced thin lengthwise
3. 2 cloves garlic sliced (optional)
4. 3/4 tbsp sambhar powder or chilli powder (if adding chilli powder add a tsp of cumin powder)
5. 2 Red Chillies broken and seeds removed
6. 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice or Vinegar
7. Salt to taste
8. 1/2 tbsp oil

1. Heat oil in a pan add the red chillies
2. Add the onions and saute till they start turning color
3. Now add the chicken liver pieces and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the powders and salt.
4. Put the lid on and cook for about 8 minutes or till the liver is cooked completely (the color should change from bright red to gray)
4. Open the lid add the lemon juice and cook till all the water evaporates and the spice is well coated.

Serve with rice as a side.


  1. D loves Chicken Liver while I love Mutton Liver. I don't like the smell of Chicken Liver and the only way I make it is with a certain masala from Shan.
    Shall try yours next

  2. We are going to a Parade too.For all their sacrifice,that's the least we could do.I regularly send money to DAV.
    Chicken liver look great.I have heard that it's very healthy but never tried it.
    Have a great Monday:)

  3. that dish looks very spicy & nice ..i personally dont have liver but it def looks tasty..ur gardening skills r amazing ..sure to take tips from u visit my blog ..can i add u in my blogroll.?

  4. forgot to tell u ..tried ur bread dough ..came out superb..i was delighted to see my dough literally rise to double..thanks a lot!

  5. I got a pack of chicken liver from the organic farm last year, but didn't know what to make. I am bookmarking this recipe. I was a big fan of goat livers. My thakuma made this great recipe...

  6. Sandeepa, glad to see you back. I too like Mutton liver better than Chicken liver (the Halal meat I go to gives away the liver for free when I buy it with other meat, guess not many people buy it). But surprisingly enough while cooking the chicken liver there was a slight smell but once cooked there was hardly any smell.

    Asha, defintely. Do try it Asha you'd like it, 15 minutes tops and the dish is ready.

    Deena, thanks. I know lot of people don't like, it being the organ that cleans everything.
    Sure you add me to your blogroll. I
    did visit your blog, you have some yummy recipes and you are talented painter too.

    Deena I am glad the bread dough did rise but that was not me. I don't make bread. Mistaken identity.

    Mandira if you love liver you are sure to like this recipe. It would with goat liver too but you have too cook it longer. Chicken liver cooks in a jiffy.

  7. thats a sweet post abt Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
    i dont think i can ever come forward and donate blood as i faint at the sight of blood;) it took more than half an hour to convince me to test my blood for checking my blood grp;)
    can't comment on chicken liver fry indo:) so will just leave a tight hug to u:) hope ur iron content level come back to normal:)

  8. Hay this is very nice recipe....I love it...looking YUM!...Lovely colour and picture...

  9. Hmm..not one for the squeamish. Liver is good, but be careful of eating too much as there is a study now that liver is the waste reservoir of the body and hence not too good to be eaten.

  10. Indo, Hope your iron level gets back into the normal level soon... since you are not supposed to eat too much liver, try bitter gourd, another great source of iron!

    I love liver... chicken and mutton! Siv doesn't like chicken liver, he can only eat it in moderation... I usually make a liver pepper fry with lots of garlic and pepper. Yours look great, will try it next time for sure!

  11. Sia, that is true of many people. I am doctors' daughter hence I am not that skeamish about blodd. I know you don't eat Non.Veg, thanks for stopping by to comment.

    Sukanya Thanks do try it.

    Shaheen and Sig I did read up on the bad effects of eating too much liver. I cook it maybe once a month not more than that. I am more scared of the kids eating a lot of it too, they love it also.
    I'll modify the post and add a little bit of warning too.

    Shaheen true many people go ewww even at the mention of liver.

    Sig, I love bitter gourd just waiting for them to grow in my garden. The grocery store ones are too old and mushy. Yours was the recipe my mom gave for the liver fry. Enjoying Mom's cooking?

  12. Looks spicy and good Indo.. My Mom used to make delicious mutton liver fry...haven't tried with chicken..

  13. i too make a liver fry, IGS. A slightly different version.. Will blog about it sometime.

    Btw, for iron, try taking a spoonful of blackstrap molasses. Very healthy and good iron content. I used to eat this regularly a few years ago... After coming here, Last week, I found a natural foodstore enarby and I got a bottle of organic BSM. Very tasty!! I think 15% iron and 4-6% of calcium in 1 tbsp of bsm.. I was just thinking of writing about this in my blog.

  14. I found a link on BSM for you.

  15. Hey...thanks for dropping by my page...and you have one of my favourite dishes posted here...liver fry...:) You made me crave for my mother;s prep and made me miss her a lot !



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