Sunday, March 4, 2007

Protest Against Plagiarism - March 5th

Picture Courtesy: Bong Mom's Cookbook

The roll call of companies plagiarizing content especially from bloggers seems to be getting longer and longer and the latest entrant to that list is Yahoo! India. You would think companies who create content and have long copyright statements to protect their content would respect content created by others. Nope Yahoo chose to hide behind their subcontractor as if that is explanation enough for plagiarized stuff appearing on their portal.

Decorum and Respect
Yahoo used to be a company I admired from it days as a start up till a fews days ago,NOT ANYMORE, after their stand on the issue at hand and certainly not after I read some pretty offensive comments made by whom I suspect are their minions. It makes them look guilty as hell.

Call made by Ginger and Mango

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