Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mango Parfait - Breakfast or dessert?

A Parfait is a French dessert which is a layer of cream or ice cream and fruit layered with syrup and topped with nuts. In the American avatar parfait is layered with yogurt and fruits and topped with granola. Fruit, yogurt and granola are all individually eaten for breakfast so why not combine all three and enjoy it? It feels like dessert but is actually quite filling and is better than muffins or doughnuts. Of the three granola might be the only ingredient that can be considered unhealthy. Well it can be replaced with cornflakes or crushed nuts or a combination of both.

If serving as a dessert replace the granola with candied nuts. While it is not ice cream it is still enough to satiate any sweet tooth. DD2 and I eat this for dinner or breakfast and it can be modified for any meal.

With the mango season upon us, I don't have to talk about India but even the stores here in the US now carry several different types of mangoes. Few days ago I bought a variety called Apple Mango priced at a princely $1.50 per mango and it was round and smooth and very tempting. It tasted quite good but was stringy and I cut it before it turned fully ripe and perhaps the only reason I was even able to dice it.

Anyway I will stick to the yellow mangoes sold as Champagne or Ataulfo which cultivated in Mexico and they work beautifully. These mangoes are mild and sweet and not stringy making them perfect for parfaits, fruit salads and making jellies or jams.

The parfait is easy to put together and as suits your mood, they can be had for breakfast, dessert, brunch or even dinner. If you do not want to use granola or muesli you can use any crunchy cereal, soaked basil or chia seeds or crunched nuts.

Mango Parfait
Preparation Time:5 minutes
  1. 2 ripe mangoes - diced
  2. 1/2 cup of plain Greek Yogurt or thick home made yogurt
  3. 2 tbsp of granola or crushed roasted nuts
  4. a drizzle of honey (optional)

  1. In a wine stem glass start with the yogurt, add in the diced mangoes.
  2. Add a bit more yogurt, drizzle the honey if doing and then top with granola.
  3. Mix as you eat.
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  1. Looks so delish and it doesn't really matter when you get served this..I am for all times!..


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