Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guilty Pleasures - Quick Milk Burfi (Milk Fudge)

During the winter months I figure most people would prefer going in to work! That list certainly includes me. It is cold and dark outside mostly and who wants to be stuck in the house alone? But spring is another matter altogether. When spring come around after we push past the rainy and sometimes cold few weeks we get blessed with some nice pleasant weather where the humidity hasn't hit the roof and it is actually pleasant. Unfortunately this year we seemed to have jumped straight into summer having skipped spring altogether it seems. On days when the temperature is in the low 70s with barely a hint of humidity I feel like I am dragging myself to work envying everyone who is walking their dog, taking a jog, running or just plain hanging around.

Those are the kind of days I pick a reason, any reason to leave work early saying I will continue to work at home. Really people I do put in the required hours of work when I reach home alright :) This happens to my guilty pleasure. My song of freedom away from the cubicle to enjoy a few uninterrupted time in the gorgeous weather all by myself before everyone else gets home. Not surprisingly I hate doing this during the winter when I can't wait for everyone to get home. So what is your guilty pleasure?

Where food is considered my guilty pleasure comes in the form of small packages - burfis of any kind make my heart race a little faster. That is my guilty pleasure where food is concerned. For somebody like that a recipe like this is a nice thing to have on hand. It is versatile in its own way. Add some
cocoa powder or a few drops of chocolate syrup to make it a chocolate burfi or some coarsely chopped roasted nuts for a nut burfi.

The recipe is very simple, no slaving over the stove for hours together. This won't come close to the taste of milk cooked down but this has its own plus points. It is quick and easy. Condensed milk and milk powder are the only 2 ingredients.

If you want a more richer grainy texture try this recipe - Quick Palkova.

Quick Milk Burfi
Cooking Time:15 - 20minutes
  1. 14 oz can of condensed milk
  2. 3.2 oz of milk powder
  3. 4 tsp ghee
  4. coarsely powdered roasted pistachio (optional)
  5. 2 tsp of cocoa powder (optional)
  1. In a thick bottom pan add the condensed milk and let it get hot.
  2. Add in the milk powder (and cocoa if using) and with the whisk mix in the milk powder into the condensed milk.
  3. Once the mixture is dissolved (add the nuts if using at this stage) keep cooking in low medium heat till the mixture come together without sticking to the sides.
  4. Add ghee on the sides to avoid sticking. Keep a greased tray ready to transfer the contents.
  5. In about 15 - 20 minutes from start to finish the mixture should be a thick fudge.
  6. Transfer the contents to the greased tray and smooth with a spatula. Let cool and cut into pieces.
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