Monday, February 2, 2015

There is a cure for Arthritis - a book by Paavo Airola

I got a few requests to name the book that I had referred to in on of my previous posts which I had said inspired me to try out the carb free diet. I did not give the name of the book not because I did not I did not remember the name and the picture of the book was on DH's phone.

"There is a cure for Arthritis" by Paavo Ariola - the book suggested by the owner of the lodge we stayed at Costa Rica. It was DH who broached the subject with her, because her son who is the naturalist at the lodge mentioned about his mother's diet and the progress she was making. She had given the book to DH to read.

So while DH and the kids had gone off on horse back to explore the rain forest I stayed behind at the lodge and started to leaf through the book and it had me hooked. Remember the book was written in 1968 and some of the dietary malfeasance is with us even today.

While this book for arthritis sufferers there is a good bit of suggestions that can be useful for everyone. Eating well and eating fresh vegetables, fruits and eliminating harmful sugar is good advice for pretty much anyone.

I hope this book will help those who want a natural way to get rid of pain and it is an inspiration for those who just want to read it.

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