Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Roasted Nut Chocolate Clusters

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a joyful Holiday Season!

Living in the US most people I come across often ask if we celebrate Christmas. I tell them that we do not but that does not necessarily mean we do not celebrate the season especially if the season involves enjoying cakes, candies and cookies. Let's see, it's hard to get into the festive mood during Deepavali, being far away from home and without the festivities going on around you. On the other hand its hard not to get into the spirit of the season during Christmas when everything around screams of Christmas. The stores, the radio, the TV all are full of holiday music, movies and of course the gifts.

Every year I save the cookie recipe supplements but never get around to making them. Cookies require time and a bit of effort whereas these chocolate clusters are easy and very hard to mess up.

Get the double boiler ready for melting the chocolate.
Keep the nuts ready and melt the chocolate with the butter.
Once the chocolate is smooth and shiny take it off the heat and mix in the nuts till they are well coated.
Place clusters of the chocolate coated nuts on parchment and let them dry for a few hours or overnight.

So if you are thinking of a quick something to make to make the kids happy here is the perfect recipe. I used 3/4th roasted unsalted cashews and 1/4 mixed roasted unsalted nuts (almonds, pecans and pistachios).

Roasted Nut Chocolate Clusters
Preparation Time:5 minutes
Cooking Time:15 minutes
  1. 1-2 cups roasted unsalted nuts (I used 3/4 cashews and 1/4 other nuts like almonds, pecans and pistachios)
  2. 8 oz semi sweet baking chocolate
  3. 2 tbsp butter

  1. Get a double boiler ready - keep a sauce pan of water to boil only such that a mixing vessel placed on it does not touch the water.
  2. Add chopped chocolate and butter to the mixing vessel and place it on the boiling sauce pan of water, reduce the heat so the water is just on a simmer.
  3. The chocolate and butter start to melt. Mix it with the spatula so the chocolate butter mixture is smooth and shiny.
  4. Quickly add the roasted nuts and mix it into the chocolate.
  5. Place clusters of chocolate covered nuts on a parchment paper of desired shape.
  6. Let it cool and dry about 3-4 hours or overnight.

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