Monday, November 17, 2014

Grain of the Week - 46 & 47 - Idli Rice

The softness and fluffiness of idli (Steamed rice and lentil cakes) to a large extent depends on rice than anything else. Idli perhaps can be made with any kind of parboiled rice or pulungal arisi. Not the parboiled rice which is glassy and translucent but the one that is opaque and white and not shiny. But the one that works best is what is sold as idli rice.

Short and opaque this rice is perfect for making idli. While any kind of rice can be used for making dosai, idli is a different matter altogether. When the rice is soaked and ground it should give a good amount of ground batter. Idly Ponni or IR 20 are the commonly used varieties of rice used for making idli.

PS: A friend on FB says the idli rice is called Kalla Muthu.

The process of soaking the rice and making idli is detailed in this post.

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