Thursday, September 25, 2014

Plants for the Fall - 2014

For some who are tired of the heat and humidity of the Summer, Fall is welcome relief to cooler and less humid temperatures. For me Fall is a down season, all the changing color on the tress and the dropping leaves signal the coming period of cold and snow - weather that I will never get used to and just about tolerate till the warmer weather is near the horizon.

Monarch Butterflies?

Well anyway an exception to this gloom is the fall garden, planted towards the end of the summer the green is a sight that is invigorating and makes one forget for a while the approaching winter.

Greens like collard, kale, spinach , pak choi all prefer the slightly chillier weather that is typical of the fall. Planted towards the end of August they work their magic till the snow hits the area which for us is usually late Dec or early Jan.

Pak Choi

There are always exceptions to this rule however when some years we have had snow as early as Halloween. The frost works itself here way earlier than that but unlike the other plants that literally die during the first frost, the greens on other hand supposedly thrive and the leaves take on a sweeter note with the drop in temperature. I will know pretty soon.


Growing greens is the most easiest of all plants. They start producing literally in 2-3 weeks from the time you sow the seeds in the ground. If you trim the leaves leaving the young ones alone they produce for a long time.


Eggplants although nearing the end of the season seem to be still fruiting.

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